Exposing the Secrecy

London’s Truth Be Told rally at Trafalgar Square featured many speakers. Dr Tess Lawrie explained her experience to the crowd.

Wayne Cunnington was one of many who told his story.

This is an interesting discussion on the ways that slavery can be put into place using digital technology and mind control. A few families will be in full control. They are planning a financial reset and they are reducing the population. They’ve been doing it for a long time. These fragile plans rely on secrecy and exposing them will cause the house of cards to collapse. Kim Iversen interviews Catherine Austin-Fitts.

Dr Michael Palmer’s presentation on the way in which mRNA vaccines work is very good, below. Stefan Oelrich of Bayer, on mRNA as cellular gene therapy: “If we had surveyed the public two years ago, would you be willing to take a gene therapy and inject it into your body, we would have had a 95% refusal rate.

How the pandemic / vaccines phenomenon is linked to the financial crisis is explained well between Catherine Austin-Fitts in her recent interview with investigative journalist Whitney Webb.

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