Humans and History

Escape From Lockdown is a podcast produced by Alexander McCarron, a British film producer who found himself out of work earlier this year. Since his first podcast interview in April he has spoken with 25 people from different walks of life, all in relation to different aspects relating to England’s, and a lesser extent Europe … More Humans and History

Four Germans Sitting in a Room, Then The Telephone Rings

It seems I’m listening to many courageous people who receive no air time on mainstream media and are therefore considered charlatans and/or conspiracists. Their varied roles include advisors to big pharmaceutical companies, medical consultants with national health services, senior pathologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists, sociologists, psychologists, geneticists, mathematicians, researchers and professors at top universities in a … More Four Germans Sitting in a Room, Then The Telephone Rings

Pathology, Pharmacology and Psychology

Dr Clare Craig and Dr John Lee are Pathologists in the UK, both outspoken and eloquent public health proponents. Dr Roger Hodkinson is another British Pathologist, now based in Canada. Amongst an impressive professional career he is currently Chairman of a Biotechnology Company selling Covid-19 tests. As he states, he is in the business of … More Pathology, Pharmacology and Psychology

Political Pandemic

Professor Anthony Brookes, Geneticist and Health Data Scientist at Leicester University in the UK, speaks with Julia Hartley-Brewer for almost 12 minutes on talkRadio at the below link. Julia is a force of common sense and investigative journalism. The main points I get from this interview are: Natural infection of the non-vulnerable (in this case, … More Political Pandemic

Disease Detecting

As of today, the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK seems out of control. Everyone is talking about it. Nationwide lockdowns have been imposed, mass testing of the city of Liverpool by the military is underway, anti-lockdown protests are breaking out and there are hundreds of Covid-diagnosed deaths everyday. If you Google “Coronavirus UK” this graph … More Disease Detecting

Once Upon a Time

There are so many documents written before 2020 based on public health evidence and advising pandemic response. I have previously shared the WHO Non Pharmaceutical Public Health Measures document. This week I came across this one: Johns Hopkins University: Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic Some quotes from this document provide useful insights. The … More Once Upon a Time

Minks and Lockdowns

Denmark are culling millions of minks due to fears of a mutated SARS-CoV-2 strain. Here’s what one of the world’s leading viral geneticists, involved in SARS-CoV-2 research, Francois Balloux of University College London, has to say on the issue (copy-pasted from Twitter). This new mink COVID-19 mutation story, which is making the rounds on Twitter … More Minks and Lockdowns

Actuaries and Actresses

South African actuary Nick Hudson co-founded perhaps one of the most impressive organisations arising from the 2020 pandemic. In this YouTube interview with Tim Price he talks about the work of PANDA – Pandemic Data and Analytics. An intelligent discussion talking common sense, public health, evidence, science, social justice, history, politics, academic institutions and failures, … More Actuaries and Actresses