Clickbait and Kludge

There are some truly inspiring medical doctors using Twitter to share information about Covid-19. One of the most impassioned I follow is Dr Thomas Binder. He earned a PhD in Virology/Immunology before specialising in Cardiology, has over 30 years medical experience and works as an Associate Professor at a medical university in Austria. There are … More Clickbait and Kludge

Documenting Abuses

Clare Wills is an English lawyer representing elderly care home residents and their families through devastating consequences of enforced isolation which is leading to unnecessary suffering and death. She talks about her experiences with these lockdown victims at Episode 15 of Alex McCarron’s podcast, Escape From Lockdown. Dan Wootton highlights the plight of Mary Fowler … More Documenting Abuses

Dr Roger Hodkinson

With morning television no longer in my work day routine, I get on Twitter and find out what the latest lion hearts have been up to overnight. Today’s half hour distraction was Dr Roger Hodkinson in Canada having a yarn with my latest favourite journalist, Anna Brees in the UK. Dr Roger Hodkinson Speaks to … More Dr Roger Hodkinson

What If …..?

Australia has claimed elimination of Covid-19 across locations who spent months locked down over winter. Apparently lockdown has been a highly effective disease control strategy. There are jubilant scenes as people leave their houses and reclaim their freedoms. It is pandemic sacrilege but I am really struggling to buy into the collective belief that viral … More What If …..?

PANDA to the Rescue

PANDA are a multidisciplinary group of scientists and professionals who have been trying to grapple with the bad science characterising the public policy response to Covid-19. Starting with a small group of South African actuaries and doctors, very early on they spoke out about the negative consequences of lockdown which were not being considered by … More PANDA to the Rescue