But Not Through Me

To lay the groundwork, masks were re-introduced as a “softening up exercise for Plan B,” according to a government advisor who sits on a government Covid taskforce. He anonymously confided that, “Masks are a behavioural psychology policy. We need to stop pretending that it’s about public health. Nudge is a big thing in government.” Masks … More But Not Through Me

One Truth and Other Truths

The first sign that something was very wrong in the Covid-19 response was the aggressive silencing of public health experts. In early 2020 John Ioannidis, one of the world’s most eminent Infectious Disease Epidemiologists, was censored, character assassinated, and his elderly mother threatened, after Ioannidis published a study on the infection fatality rate of Covid-19. … More One Truth and Other Truths

On Slavery

In his journey from captive slave to internationally renowned activist, Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) has been a source of inspiration and hope for millions. His brilliant words and brave actions continue to shape the ways that we think about race, democracy, and the meaning of freedom. I now live in a country where qualified doctors who … More On Slavery

Do It For Freedom

“It seems to me, early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive supression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalisation and death. And it seemed to be completely organised and intentional, in order to create acceptance for, and then promote mass vaccination.” ~ Dr Peter McCullough speaking to Joe Rogan Dr … More Do It For Freedom

Who We Now Trust

“The most common injuries are neurological injuries. They occur in girls at three times the rate than boys“. One example is Australian equestrian Stephanie Gard, seen here working on her recovery. The USA, based on approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) who are now shown to be “nothing but a subsidiary of Big … More Who We Now Trust

When Are Vaccine Mandates Justified?

The National Institutes of Health Clinical Centre hosted a one hour presentation at their Ethics Grand Rounds: The Ethics of Vaccine Mandates. Dr Matthew Memoli, Director at the Clinical Studies Unit, National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, kicked off as the first of three presenters, best viewed in the video … More When Are Vaccine Mandates Justified?