Who We Now Trust

The most common injuries are neurological injuries. They occur in girls at three times the rate than boys“. One example is Australian equestrian Stephanie Gard, seen here working on her recovery.

The USA, based on approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) who are now shown to be “nothing but a subsidiary of Big Pharma”, are now administering mRNA vaccines to 76 million children based on a Pfizer trial of one thousand children. There can be no statistical significance to the findings of such a small trial, even if the data was reported on with honesty and transparency.

One of the children in that study, a 13 year old girl from Cleveland called Maddie de Garay, volunteered to be in the trial because she wanted to help the community. She developed a fever the night she got the vaccine. She then developed seizures and a raft of other symptoms. Today she is in a wheelchair. Apparently for life. She can only feed through a feeding tube through her nose.

Maddie sat beside her mother during testimony at a Senate Hearing in Washington in November 2021. When the Children’s Health Defense legal team investigated the Pfizer trial documents, they found Maddie’s injuries reported as a stomach ache.

Today it is normal to see people with public health training and roles in public health, advertising on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry without any question of what the data says to support decisions. Regulatory capture seeps through the ranks into every echelon. Anyone questioning the agenda of pharmaceutical conglomerates, their colossal profits and their connections to media from search engines to printed “news”, is dismissed as “anti-vax”.

Aaron Siri wrote about Maddie de Garay in FDA Buries Data on Seriously Injured Child in Pfizer’s Covid-19 Clinical Trial. Manfred Horst covered issues relating to data and reporting from companies whose profits are a clear conflict of interest to public health, in the translated article Proven uselessness of the Covid vaccines. Dr Toby Rogers wrote What is the Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNTV) to prevent a single COVID-19 fatality in kids 5 to 11 based on the Pfizer EUA application?

“New Normal” ignores these basics in favour of trusting a profiteering pharmaceutical industry in what has been described as the largest transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes, to the billionaire class, in human history. Robert F Kennedy Junior has spoken about the ways in which this phenomenon evolved via a corrupted system, for example his testimony at the Corona Ausschuss with Dr Reiner Fuellmich and via his regular podcast, The Defender.

For example, in the BioNTech/Pfizer registration trial, the loudly acclaimed ‘95 per cent efficacy’ consisted of a reduction in common cold symptoms with a positive test from 162 ‘cases’ in the placebo to 8 ‘cases’ in the vaccinated group. (The trials with the other manufacturers’ vaccines had similar designs and endpoints.)
One of the many examples of regulatory capture across public health. Those advising are funded by those who will profit from the advice.

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