Who is the Criminal Fringe Minority?

Citizens in New Plymouth, New Zealand, attended their city police station yesterday afternoon with accusations against the Minister for Health, Andrew Little. Those in attendance included Casey Hodgkinson, wheelchair-bound with persistent uncontrollable muscle convulsions, vocal tics, pain and other neurological injuries, following a Pfizer injection in September 2021. Police accepted the request to investigate charges and provided a case number, 220203/2237.

This number can be presented to any police station by anyone with evidence of injury or death following injection with the so-called “vaccine”, to be included in the investigation. At least 100 New Zealanders are reported to have died within a short space of time after receiving this injection. The most famous being Rory Nairn, 26yo, also the only New Zealander whose death was confirmed by autopsy as caused by the Pfizer product. Numbers unknown are now living with ongoing injuries, and many thousands more are unemployed after dismissal for declining government and employer enforced vaccine mandates. For a substance labelled “vaccine”, but which prevents neither transmission nor infection. These mandates therefore serve no public health purpose.

Following Canada’s lead, a truck convoy protesting against “public health” mandates and calling for a return to democratic freedoms, has travelled to Canberra in Australia. A similar convoy is now planned for New Zealand, beginning Sunday 6 February and reportedly involving over 7,000 trucks to date.

Corporate media are proficient in the big-power-protection-racket strategy of character assassinating and reputationally destroying anyone who openly opposes the agenda they are paid to promote. Independent media have thrived by speaking truth to power, giving a voice to silenced professionals and ordinary citizens alike. They present an alternative to the totalitarian plans for a “single source of truth”, at times framing comical absurdities.

Dr Paul Alexander (Epidemiologist) and Dr Roger Hodkinson (Pathologist and Panda advisor) both spoke to Canada’s freedom convoy on Parliament Hill in Ottawa earlier this week. Why would PM Trudeau want to present this as a “small fringe minority holding unacceptable views”?

What I’m seeing in the media, and what I’m actually witnessing on the ground, it’s not even like … they’re almost in a different universe. They’re portraying this as some kind of hate event. I’ve never experienced so much love in my life, man!

Jeremy Nell

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