When the Cure is Worse Than the Disease

Peter Doshi, Editor of the British Medical Journal, spoke a number of times at last week’s Expert Panel on Medical Mandates and Vaccine Injuries. He can be heard in the link at 1h18m, part of which is transcribed below. This panel discussion was authentic public health in action, featuring a range of perspectives that deserve to be heard not silenced.

In Pharmacy School I teach a required course on how to critically appraise the medical literature. We train students on how to go beyond a study abstract and start to pick apart, and critically assess biomedical studies. Not just take them at face value. I want to use my five minutes here to harness that spirit of critical thinking.

I am saddened that we are super-saturated as a society right now, in the attitude of “everybody knows”, that has shut down intellectual curiosity and led to self-censorship. So let me start with a few “everybody knows” examples, that I’m not so sure we should be so certain about.


“Everybody knows” that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. But if hospitals and deaths were almost exclusively occurring in the unvaccinated, why would booster shots be necessary? Or why would the statistics be so different in the UK, where most Covid-19 hospitalisations and deaths are among the fully vaccinated?

There is a disconnect there. There is something to be curious about. There is something not adding up and we should all be asking, is it true that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated? What does that even mean?

Then there’s this.

“Everybody knows” that Covid vaccines save lives. In fact, we’ve known this from early 2021. That clinical trials “proved” that to be the case, as you can see here in the quote of a February article in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

But is it true? When that statement by prominent public health officials was penned, there had been just one death. One death. Across the 70,000 Pfizer and Moderna trial participants. Today we have more data and you can see that there were similar numbers of deaths in the vaccine and placebo groups. The trials did not show a reduction in death. Even for Covid deaths, as opposed to other causes, the evidence is flimsy, with just two deaths in the placebo group versus one death in the vaccine group.

My point is not that I know the truth about what the vaccine can and cannot do. My point is that those who claim the trials showed the vaccines were highly effective in saving lives were wrong. The trials did not demonstrate this.

Six minutes of truth bombs from Dr Ryan Cole in Maui, Hawaii on 16 October, was another show of authentic public health and human rights.

How long is the Covid pandemic expected to last? That depends on whether every single detected case proves “the pandemic isn’t over”. Or whether an endemic virus is established alongside other common cold coronaviruses (which can also cause outbreaks, hospitalisation and death). This issue seems directly connected to a new agenda: eradicating the common cold.

Magnitudes more deadly than Covid, Spanish Influenza, which targeted a far wider demographic, lasted between one and two years. The Spanish Flu was still circulating, not always as a dominant strain, and was still responsible for hospitalisations and deaths, until 2020 when influenza disappeared for reasons which remain unclear.

Our model, incorporating these components of immunity, recapitulates both the current severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection and the benign nature of Human Coronaviruses, suggesting that once the endemic phase is reached and primary exposure is in childhood, SARS-CoV-2 may be no more virulent than the common cold.” Science Magazine, February 2021

An infinite pandemic of pseudoscience.

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