Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Global health experts, Dr David Bell and Professor Toby Green presented on the impact of the Covid response on the world’s poorest at this Panda Session. “We are trying to get across, the enormity of what’s happened to global public health. It’s been turned on its head and people aren’t grasping the enormity of the change, the loss of vision and almost everything that global health is based on … Very early on it became obvious that the response was not following basic public health principles“. ~ Dr David Bell.

He goes on to describe the phenomenon of highly educated westerners in their 20s, straight out of college in America, advising ministers of health in African countries. Governments are obliged to listen due to the power of the organisations these inexperienced advisors with no local knowledge are employed by. It is a phenomenon that highly skilled local staff are extremely familiar with and which I observed myself over a number of years.

“Treat” people with something they don’t need, which harms them in some way, then sell them your remedies. This is exactly how distorted “health care” systems operate in impoverished nations. It had never occurred to me that it was also happening in wealthy western nations, albeit on a much more profitable scale. The Covid pandemic has proven an absolute windfall for this business model.

I was literally just following the doctor’s orders and following government mandates, and now this is my life.” ~ Another Pfizer Customer

“New Zealanders are being seriously injured by the vaccine. The victims often state that they are told privately by doctors that the injuries are due to the vaccine, but the same doctors are reluctant to record their views in the discharge summaries or report them to CARM for fear of the consequences”, writes Kirsten Murfitt from New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out with Science in conjunction with NZDSOS.

It is interesting to note in the below item about America’s “godfather” Anthony Fauci, recently charged with colluding to suppress free speech, that the USA, like New Zealand, have a newly-formed “Disinformation” government department. Multiple nations, in lockstep, have publicly named and shamed a national “Disinformation Dozen”, warning the general public to ignore what these “disinformers” have to say. They are exclusively people saying things which, three years ago were considered standard and uncontroversial; but who disagree with new-style, profit-controlled alleged “health” initiatives.

Did everyone agree with the ruling party prior to 2020? Or is disagreement now “disinformation”? Could the only real change be that governments need to suppress the harm their rules and mandates are causing?

People are being told to believe that public health advice which doesn’t follow a profit-controlled agenda, is “disinformation” and “conspiracy”. This is causing horrific harms.

Dr LUKE MCLINDON who leads fertility services at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane and is the principal investigator for a series of randomised controlled trials, was dismissed last week due to a “vaccine” mandate and for trying to release data on post-“vaccine” miscarriages. He states that a normal miscarriage rate is between 5-14%, sometimes up to as high as 16%. Data since the introduction of the vaccine show a 74% miscarriage rate in women vaccinated during pregnancy!

Dr McLindon is now part of ‘Doctors against Mandates’ initiative, a collaboration of Doctors speaking against the mandates.

Why are birth rates falling globally? Christof Plothe presented on this at the World Council for Health 47th weekly General Assembly meeting on 4 July 2022. A short excerpt here:

It’s really hard for people that are compassionate, decent people, to imagine that there is a set of transnational oligarchs who are willing to make war on the human species. And it’s human nature to believe that if you’ve never seen something before, it can’t really be happening. But I just want to remind everyone, that that’s what people were witnessing in 1933. They’d never seen anything like that before. The people who survived thought, “I’ve got to get out of here even though I’ve never seen this before”, and the people who perished didn’t conclude that in time…“. ~ Dr Naomi Wolf speaks frequently on the findings of the research teams analysing Pfizer’s trial data. A short clip here.

The same people who want to ignore or deny this data from probably the most reliable public health database in the world, also want to convince us (or force those unconvinced) to wear microplastic over our airways in symbolism of protection against viruses floating in aerosols that are magnitudes tinier than the apertures in the mask. The best public health advice at this point seems to be “do not comply”. With any of it.


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