From Sweden to Hawkes Bay to Idaho

Dr Jessica Rose spoke recently from a conference in Sweden. She states that the dam is cracking as many more people are recognising “the huge pile of lies that have been heaped on us for the last 3 years … the legacy media is just a popularity contest sponsored by Pfizer. But because it’s a popularity contest, one of them is going to roll sooner or later … nobody wants to admit they’ve been fooled … if you are worried about others, be supportive and be loving … everyone has to come into their own truth in their own time. What allows that is an environment of support and love and trust…“.

A few days ago Dr Alison Goodwin and Dr Emanuel Garcia of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) spoke on “Club Grubbery” with Graham Hood (ex-Qantas pilot) and John Larter (ex-paramedic) in Australia. This is a really uplifting interview, explaining who NZDSOS are, how they came to be, what they stand for and what the experience of standing in opposition of a politicised public health response has been like.

Part Four of Never Again is Now Global: This Time Around We’re All Jews continues the theme of a dark time in history repeating today.

Dr Ryan Cole speaking with Dr Drew and Dr Kelley, on his mRNA analysis which includes the presence of spike protein in cancer cells and in heart cells of those with myocarditis; the amyloid clots found on autopsy; and his hypothesis about the rise in sudden deaths. “The spike protein can persist in circulation for over a year. And we don’t know when the mRNA [which produces spike protein] breaks down …” . Whilst across the globe we are told incessantly to believe that pharma-funded pseudoscience is “public health”, Dr Cole shows us what authentic public health science looks like.

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