Trying to Understand

Whilst vaccination saves lives, vaccine promotion due to market forces compared to promotion via public health evidence can have a negative impact. After months of warning alerts, in June of 2009 World Health Organisation declared a global Swine Flu pandemic. Ultimately the H1N1 Swine Flu, still circulating today, posed no greater risk of severe disease … More Trying to Understand

Buying Up Big

“Never before [had] the search for traces of a virus [been] carried out so broadly and intensively… besides, many cases of death, that happened to coincide with seropositive H1N1 lab-findings, were simply attributed to “swine flu” and used to foster fear“. ~ Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, EU Parliamentary Health Committee, 2009 It took me many months … More Buying Up Big

Pandemic PCR Problems

In 2009 I had a very strange, quite traumatic work experience. I was part of a public health team who provided a local response to the Swine Flu (H1N1/09) pandemic. Our usual outbreak response of calm, critical thought following planned, evidence-based practice was overridden by media and political histrionics. It took place over a number … More Pandemic PCR Problems