Mrs Doubt Pfizer

Jay Bhattacharya: ten minute interview to GBNews 5 July 2021

Imposing singular ideas without exploring or allowing consideration of other possibilities causes harm beyond anything I could ever have imagined. In my public health studies 20 years ago I learned about Dr Andrew Wakefield who was sold to us as a corrupt fraud. Through this year’s crisis I’ve heard him speak of his experiences and realise that he is no such thing. His “crime” twenty years ago was daring to speak on science that didn’t suit the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Wakefield outlines his experience and the evidence of his work in this interview with Jeremy Nell.

Earlier this year, upon learning about the blackening Dr Wolfgang Wodarg experienced after standing up against the Swine Flu pandemic fraud of 2009, I assumed him to be the pioneer of smeared public health experts going against Big Pharma’s agenda. It seems Dr Wakefield preceded him by a decade. We have been sold a new religion: “The VaXx”. Safety concerns are “anti-vaXx” which is heresy, regardless of evidence.

Big Pharma have inflicted harm on others with minimal consequence for decades, and grown unprecedented levels of monopolisation in public health as described by Robert F Kennedy Jr in the interview I shared yesterday. This has seen them carry out an escalation of behaviours this year, with such basic tenets of public health such as honesty and transparency overridden by chaos, confusion and indoctrination of ideas such as lockdown. Many more public health specialists without Big Pharma associations than the lone voice of Dr Wakefield in 1998 or Dr Wodarg in 2009 have experienced aggressive vilification in the past year. Anyone listening to Professor Bhattacharya, as one example, can see that he speaks with expertise and humility. Yet the cartel’s academic shills have accused him of being “outside the scientific mainstream” and “pushing vaccine misinformation”.

If the below practices are considered acceptably mainstream, then I remain firm with the principles that Professor Bhattacharya and the Great Barrington Declaration stand for. The pharmaceutical cartel need to somehow have their monopolistic powers deboosted.

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