Corruption and Criminality

When the pandemic happened I realised there is something not right and not corresponding to the international health regulations. I thought this is very weird ….. The inconsistencies of everything they are doing ….. This has made health security a dictatorship, where Director-General [World Health Organisation] can decide on his own, to sell vaccines, to sell the PCR instead of all the documents that say you also need a clinical diagnosis” ~ Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

Dr. Astrid Stückelberger (Health Scentist) relates her experience of working over several years at the WHO on training others to apply the most recent revision of the IHRs (International Health Regulations). At the 41st sitting of German Corona Committee (Feb 26th 2021) she presented evidence of irregularities she observed at the WHO prior to the declaration of the pandemic of 2020. Her work to train member countries in the use of these regulations, which are essential for proper handling of potential pandemic emergencies, was stopped without adequate explanation by senior leadership.

She goes on to describe the influence of Bill Gates in operations at World Health Organisation, including his attempts in 2017 for recognition as a sovereign member state on the WHO executive. (See Part 2).

Corruption and Criminality at Leadership Level of the WHO: Coronavirus Ausschuss.

On the same theme, another interview here with Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, speaking of the corruption inside World Health Organisation. He discusses two misuses of WHO by powerful pharmaceutical companies, being: 1) drug development; 2) “making panic” to sell drugs. “If you can use such an agency to rise fear in the people, then you can use it for any purpose … to paralyse people with fear. Say there is a big pandemic and then they will do anything you tell them“. This statement does not deny existence of a virus, but certainly raises into question the idea that a virus with an overly excessive fatality rate is circulating amongst us with universal susceptibility. The Wodarg interview is particularly hard hitting.

Every winter Coronaviruses comprise 10-15% of influenza-like-illness. Did this change in 2020? Where did influenza go in 2020? Is “successful lockdown” what the countries with low death rates in this map have in common? Is “ineffective lockdown” what the countries with high death rates have in common? Do we need to be so afraid that we postpone life for a year and counting? Asking questions about this would be true public health in action. Not merely believing blindly, what appears to be true through a global politico-media consensus driven by powerful profiteering private corporations.

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