Issues of Concern

Another interview here with Dr Peter McCullough on his well researched knowledge and concerns about Covid-19 disease, SARS-CoV-2 infection, and the pandemic response. Brannon Howse on Lindell TV. He describes why the Delta variant has an even lower fatality rate, whilst also evading vaccine immunity, as well as a lot of information on the vaccines … More Issues of Concern

These Amazing Women

Masks Are Ineffective Against Viruses Kristen Meghan has 18 years experience in Occuptional and Environmental Toxicology. Her position as Senior Industrial Hygienist involves anticipating, recognising, evaluating and controlling health hazards in occupational settings. She also has credentials in public health and decontamination. For 12 of her 18 year career she worked on pandemic preparedness, planning … More These Amazing Women

Masking Power

“It is probable, that if surgical facemasks were to be introduced today, without the historical impetus currently associated with their use, the experimental evidence would not be sufficiently compelling to incorporate facemasks into surgical practice.” From 2015 article Unmasking the surgeons: the evidence base behind the use of facemasks in surgery A frightening amount of … More Masking Power

Questions About a Dangerous Pandemic

The first identified cases of COVID-19 were detected on December 8, 2019 in Wuhan, China. The first documented case in Europe was reported retrospectively in France, in a patient with pneumonia and positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR result on December 27, 2019. In January and February 2020 frightening video footage from China flooded social media. People were … More Questions About a Dangerous Pandemic

As Time Goes By …

After wearing, fit testing for, teaching about and working with masks for infectious diseases over about twenty years, last year I had to forget all that I knew about masks because suddenly they were alleged to have completely different functionality than I had spent years understanding. This was according to World Health Organisation and Centers … More As Time Goes By …

Masks and Politics

Seeing The Trumpites packed in, mostly unmasked, against the Bidenites strictly social distancing with chalk circles marking their carefully spaced chairs and masked up in a beautiful green park, feels like a really bad science fiction movie. Yinon Weiss is an American bioengineer who created some charts connecting the timeline of mask mandates against case … More Masks and Politics