These Amazing Women

Kristen Meghan speaking to Ask The Nurses Podcast, Episode 17, May 19 2021

Masks Are Ineffective Against Viruses

Kristen Meghan has 18 years experience in Occuptional and Environmental Toxicology. Her position as Senior Industrial Hygienist involves anticipating, recognising, evaluating and controlling health hazards in occupational settings. She also has credentials in public health and decontamination. For 12 of her 18 year career she worked on pandemic preparedness, planning and response. If you’ve worn specific respiratory protections in health settings, she states, then she is the person who selects which level of protection you would need. She also testifies as an expert witness in litigations regarding wrongful use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and other legal cases.

Meghan has tested well over 10,000 face masks and respirators throughout her career. In other words, she is a “mask expert”, much like the equally impassioned Megan Mansell whose video I shared on May 14, speaking out in advocacy of children being forced into mask mandates in the USA by the cartel of powerful profiteers who see benefit in forcing masks upon the general population. That they choose to promote this despite the knowledge that masks serve no useful purpose, but cause nebulisation and aerosolisation of viral particles, is described by Meghan as “the biggest fraud perpetrated across the entire world”.

Ask the Nurses Podcast is broadcast by four nurses, two American and two Canadian, dismissed from their workplaces for speaking out against the harmful pandemic response. They interviewed Kristen Meghan today. Anyone interested in the issue of face masks could learn a lot via this intelligent, informed discussion between a group of amazing women who know their subject but also know and stand by their own principles. Political ideologies, corruption, nurses dismissed for standing up against wrongdoing, silencing and demonisation of dissent, wrongful accusations of conspiracies, media hit pieces, death threats and threats against employment and income security all get a mention. Oxygen deprivation, skin damage, dental damage, developmental psychology, mask fit testing, and the range of hazards relating to mask mandates, all going against the oath to “first do no harm”, are also covered.

Meghan describes what I also feel to be true about many in public health. The only Industrial Hygienists speaking out about this are those who own their own businesses, are semi-retired, retired, or work for a firm with no fear of reprisal from larger entities. She talks about the retaliative attacks, censorship and discrimination she has faced. This is not political for her, but a professional and ethical issue. It is quite a story, and one worth sharing.

When you can debate it, it’s science
When you can’t debate it, it’s propaganda

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