New Zealand Government Reports

I wonder why they ceased since 1 May 2021? The last report available is Adverse events following immunisation with COVID-19 vaccines: Safety Report #9 – 1 May 2021. (10 June : question answered. The reports have a lag time of 4 weeks. Reports available at Medsafe Overview of Vaccine Reports).

In the ten weeks from vaccine commencement, 20 February 2021 until 1 May 2021, there were over 2,000 reports of adverse events associated with the Covid-19 experimental vaccine rollout in New Zealand, 90 of which were serious. The serious events match predictions that people like Bhakdi, Yeadon, Hodkinson, McCullough and Bridle, and groups such as Americas Frontline Doctors, have made against the strong tide of censorship, regards to the spike protein’s capacity to cause bleeding and clotting disorders. Television and radio broadcasts continue to ensure us constantly that the vaccines are safe, effective and highly protective.

In a nation with 26 deaths attributed to this virus, and no long term safety information yet available for the experimental vaccines, it is difficult to comprehend how much vaccine risk is acceptable. Estimates are that between 1% to 10% of adverse events are reported through formal channels. Patients themselves, and those responsible for submitting official reports (most often their treating doctor), usually take it upon themselves to determine whether an event is relevant to recent vaccination, which is one of many influences relating to whether or not events are reported. The only way to determine causal relationships is reporting to a centralised system for proper assessment. A single GP for example, has no idea if one patient with myocarditis sits inside a wider number of similarly affected patients across other locations. Reporting an event does not automatically assign vaccine causation, it merely allows for proper assessment and determination to be made. This is why the term “Adverse Events Following Immunisation” is used, rather than adverse events caused by immunisation.

In 1999 in the USA, after 15 infants were diagnosed with intussusception following rotavirus vaccination, the vaccine was withdrawn due to safety concerns. In 2021 the safety perception of vaccines seems unrecognisable in comparison and completely inverse to the extreme risk perception we’ve been told to have for Covid-19 disease which impacts a very specific subset of the population. Dr Peter McCullough, whose two hour expert overview of this crisis I shared on 31 May, speaks for five minutes in this interview. He discusses the adverse events being reported in the USA (tens of thousands of hospitalisations and unprecedented numbers of deaths); some reasons that only between 1% to 10% of adverse events are reported; his challenge of the official conclusions being made; his concerns about the USA Trusted News Initiative, establishing media consensus on vaccine news to ensure no negative reporting whatsoever; and the vested interests involved in this “new normal”.

Covid-19 vaccination is now being promoted to young people, children and pregnant women, all at negligible risk from this disease. This is in lockstep with advice from Bill Gates, who impressively predicted the pandemic in 2015, that things will not revert to normal until the world’s 7 billion people had been vaccinated. His “philanthropic” involvement has provided us with these solutions as well as the ongoing advice that face masks work against viruses, that lockdown is protective to public health, that contact tracing for a highly transmissible, often asymptomatic virus is effective, and that existing treatments are ineffective. All at the same time as his wealth has grown by 20% within a year since the pandemic was announced. The same guy who was successfully sued for illegal monopolisation of the personal computer market in 1999. Here is how he responded to questioning in court at that time. But he isn’t like that anymore and this is all coincidental. Public health has definitely not been monopolised today and trained experts referring to established public health evidence to question the new way we do things and suggest there would be more effective ways to protect public health are mere quacks.

The UK Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) recently shared this half hour discussion on Covid-19 Vaccination of Children in the UK, between Dr Ros Jones (retired Consultant Paediatrician), Dr Alan Mordue (retired Consultant in Public Health Medicine) and Dr John Flack (retired Pharmaceutical R&D Scientist). Perhaps retirement makes them quacks. Or perhaps it means they face no threat to their income or professional licensure by speaking out?

Could it be that sometimes the quacks turn out to be right?

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