Why Are Young GPs Resigning?

Dr Samuel White, a doctor since 2004 and a General Practitioner since 2010, resigned from practice this year. He addresses an unknown audience for eight minutes in this video. Clearly anguished by what he has experienced, why would anyone give this principled young man less credence than older powerful billionaires benefiting exponentially from human rights violations misrepresented as “public health”?

I had to go because that was the only thing I could do really. Because of the lies. And the lies over the last year or so have been so vast, it’s been impossible to stomach or tolerate. I went to medical school in good faith because I wanted to help people and make a difference. And that’s not what’s happened this year. It’s been as if my hands, and those of many other doctors and nurses, who perhaps have been afraid to come forward, have had their hands tied behind their backs. So. There are treatments available. Safe treatments. Proven treatments with lots of evidence to back that up … What I’m asking today, is that you do your own research and I’m going to tag in this video, a lot of doctors much more eminent than myself, who’ve done a lot of work exposing what’s going on … If you get Covid, the chances are, well in excess of 99%, that you’ll recover. The people that have sadly died, have had multiple medical problems … And just think what we could have done if we’d been able to offer them early intervention in the community … The foundation by which a pandemic was declared, was this PCR test … Once I realised that was how they were diagnosing this, I realised that this was fraud … Fraud officiates everything … Remember, we have the treatments, we are just not allowed to use them …

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