Examining Fear

Professor of Clinical Pscyhology at Gent University in Belgium, Mattias Desmet, gave this testimonal to the Corona Ausschuss with Dr Reiner Fuellmich recently. A fascinating insight into the psychology behind the formation of a mass psychological phenomenon. It is not a secret, and has likely always been known to those with propensity to carry out … More Examining Fear

Anti-Science Sinkhole

The impact of promoting fear in healthy people with insignificant disease risk is hard to comprehend. I experienced this during the Swine Flu Swindle in 2009. Poor public health messaging and panic-driven practices led to systems becoming overwhelmed by the worried well, encouraged by trashy tabloid journalists mongering fear into a perfectly healthy population. Over … More Anti-Science Sinkhole

Weaponised Evidence?

Almost noone has followed established, well documented pandemic public health evidence over the past year. The few exceptions include Sweden and some US states such as South Dakota, with others gradually realising their errors: most famously Florida in October 2020; more recently Texas. Globally, those arguing for key evidence based action such as protecting the … More Weaponised Evidence?

Scarey Variants

During more than 15 years of working with infectious diseases, a large part of my role involved reducing panic and fear in order that appropriate and proportionate responses could be implemented. This was never easy. People are drawn to fear and panic where infectious diseases are concerned, and even qualified medical doctors with limited infectious … More Scarey Variants

Summarising a Pandemic

This Letter to the Editor in the British Medical Journal offers a summary of the pandemic and our public health response. The author states “no competing interests”, an important consideration but which always needs double checking. Christian Drosten stated no conflicts of interest in his Eurosurveillance paper recommending a faulty PCR test which was taken … More Summarising a Pandemic

Surreal Times

This week’s media misrepresentation includes “Fears of catastrophe as rising Covid-19 cases hit Papua New Guinea’s stretched health system“. “Plunged into a Covid-19 crisis“, “temporary beds are filling up fast with seriously ill patients“, “health workers are being particularly affected, prompting fears that services may be crippled“, “a new coronavirus tragedy is just starting to … More Surreal Times

Cracking the Lunacy

At last mainstream media are starting to question events of the past year. Hopefully this is a sign that normalcy will begin to return and our lunatocracies revert to democracies again before it is too late. Coronavirus lockdown lunacy is frying our minds: Adam Creighton in The Australian reported ten days ago on this study … More Cracking the Lunacy