Anti-Science Sinkhole

The impact of promoting fear in healthy people with insignificant disease risk is hard to comprehend. I experienced this during the Swine Flu Swindle in 2009. Poor public health messaging and panic-driven practices led to systems becoming overwhelmed by the worried well, encouraged by trashy tabloid journalists mongering fear into a perfectly healthy population. Over the past 14 months the reasons for this, much more efficiently executed this time around, have become clear.

Extremists with unprecedented global power are stopping anyone who actually becomes unwell with Covid-19 disease from receiving effective treatment. Instead, all 7 billion humans in the world – children now included despite extremely low risk profile and alarms sounding from many medical scientists – have been deceived into believing an experimental vaccine with an absolute risk reduction rate of around 1% is the best protection.

Michael Driver’s 11 June 2021 article Child Sacrifice and deception in the time of the Covidians compares relative risk reduction with absolute risk reduction. He also compares the treatment of children today with what the Aztecs once did to children in order to protect themselves.

Existing drugs, well established as safe for human use, and documented as effective against Covid-19 disease, offer minimal profit. Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Budesonide, Zinc, Vitamin D and other medications are identified effective, existing, cheap and available treatments against Covid-19. Health insurance and politically driven service policies are deliberately obstructing effective treatment regimes with these drugs, described well by Dr Simone Gold, founder and spokesperson of Americas Frontline Doctors.

I now understand why the Great Barrington Declaration were so viciously attacked for daring to suggest the very basic public health principle of protecting the vulnerable whilst allowing society to function normally. And why scientists and physicians who dare to speak out continue to face extreme abuse.

Clinicians are fighting back with growing vigor. A few of the examples I’ve shared previously are Dr Pierre Kory (10 minutes), Dr Peter McCullough (2 hours) and Dr Ryan Cole (28 minutes). By the day thousands more stand up and speak out as the Big Pharma machine motors on, destroying lives unabated.

Americas Frontline Doctors are a growing entity in this fight. Because of their growing force, Amazon deleted their website from the internet last month!

Ten days ago Dr Tess Lawrie, who ranks among the world’s best analysts of medical evidence, wrote an impassioned plea to the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to halt the experimental vaccination rollout due to safety concerns. She expressly outlined clear and concise evidence for these concerns. A week later her Twitter account was suspended.

Every single doctor and scientist expressing concerns about the pandemic response and offering alternatives such as preventive treatment to those at high risk and early treatment of the unwell, reports aggressive censorship and silencing.

Canadian Independent Member of Parliament Derek Sloan held a press briefing a few days ago with Dr Byram Bridle, Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at University of Guelph; Dr Patrick Phillips, practising hospital physician and Dr Don Welsh, Professor of Physiology at the University of Ontario. Each of these principled scientists spoke with courage against the silencing and abuse that they face for daring to offer objective scientific opinions. Their experiences are horrific, with careers threatened, families harrassed, vile public ridicule and attack described in detail by Dr Bridle. Dr Phillips describes the reasons he chose to risk his career and speak out in defense of his patients. Dr Welsh holds back tears as he describes the abduction of scientific inquiry in what was, until now, an open and enlightened society. The stories of these courageous men who clearly belong in a laboratory rather than in front of an audience and cameras, speaking out because it is the right and necessary thing to do, deserve to be heard.

The only real beneficiaries of this new style public health, aka bio-pharma fascism, removing the rights and freedoms of the general populace, are the world’s elite. In this new two-tier society, the rest of us sit on the edge of a sinkhole, into which the impoverished are already plummeting.

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