Science vs Science Fiction in an Upside Down World

A cardiac surgeon in NZ has claimed the parents wishing to have Covid-unvaccinated blood for their baby who needs to receive donor blood during heart surgery, “believe in science fiction“. It is starting to look as though science and science fiction have flipped on their heads. This form was recently removed from the NZ Blood … More Science vs Science Fiction in an Upside Down World

Scholars of Humanity and Courage

The Childrens Health Defense Europe website has a range of useful resources which can assist in understanding current events. They sponsored this press conference on Sunday 23 January, which featured the following speakers. Dr Mary Holland, Harvard and Columbia trained lawyer, of the Legal Advisory Committee at Childrens Health Defense, outlines the legal actions being … More Scholars of Humanity and Courage

The Protests You Don’t Hear About

Earlier this week Professor Christian Perronne, infectious diseases specialist and vaccination policy advisor (turned “anti-vaxa” now, of course, because that’s a completely sane response to rational debate), spoke at the Luxembourg Parliament Hearing Committee on vaccinating children. I am very honoured to come here today. First of all I would like to go over my … More The Protests You Don’t Hear About

Dearie Me Delta

About 500 of Australia’s 25 million population die each day. In any given year historically, an average of between 1.5 to 10 per day (fluctuating with seasons), of those deaths have been due to or with, Influenza. Despite being in the middle of the Influenza season, Influenza deaths apparently no longer occur. Currently around two … More Dearie Me Delta