Speaking Science, Countering Crime

So many groups have collaborated around the world now that when you are a part of it, it’s difficult to fathom that there are people who neither know about, nor are involved with them. I met a stranger on public transport recently who struck up a conversation and was completely awake to the fact that something wrong is happening in the world, but had no idea that there are others who understand this, and had not heard of certain groups I was able to inform him of. He took notes on a serviette.

Dr Scot Youngblood tried to school the unschoolable at a San Diego City Council meeting in September 2022. He understands the scientific literature well, so he joins the legions of “conspiracy theorist anti vaxxaaahs”.

One group working tirelessly and intelligently is Doctors 4 Covid Ethics, an international group of doctors analysing the situation and offering practical solutions. They have a Rumble channel and their website has a videos section where you can watch various interviews and presentations. Their most recent symposium was held in June 2022 with so many excellent presentations that it’s hard to pick which are worth highlighting.

Dr Meryl Nass, alongside thousands of medical doctors today, is suspended and under investigation by her state licensing authority, for challenging the criminal events taking place in the name of “health”. The aggression these brave doctors face helps to keep all others in line with the new regime-style medicine being attempted globally. Many seem to also remain unaware of what they are complying with, as appears to be the case in some of the stories being shared.

It sounds creepy because it is. But good news comes from Dr Nass herself, who presented at D4CE Symposium 4 on Solutions, which are really not difficult. Dr Nass is an expert in biological warfare since first identifying that an Anthrax epidemic in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) was a deliberate attack. Here she joins a D4CE symposium conversation on the long history of crime and abuse in medicine.

Professor Christian Perronne, perhaps the most eminent infectious disease specialist in France, has connected scientific crimes to Lyme disease which prepared him for what happened during Covid. He recently won the disciplinary case brought against him by the medical licensing board in Paris, where he was dismissed from his job in December 2020.

Another doctor, unaffected by threats received from his licensing authority because he is currently not working, alerting the world and offering practical and simple solutions, is Canada’s Dr William Makis. An immunologist, oncologist and nuclear medicine specialist, he has identified a huge increase in sudden or unexpected deaths of Canadian doctors since the “vaccine” rollout in December 2020. For all doctors aged under 50yo, the rate has doubled; for all doctors under 40 the rate is 5x higher; and for all doctors under 30yo the rate is 8x higher.

Dr Makis’ full story is one of being removed from a highly successful cancer treatment program he was leading as politicians sabotaged the program and forced the deaths of hundreds of his patients who would otherwise have survived. The purpose of the sabotage was to monetise the program for massive profits, which required Dr Makis’ removal from the program. He was threatened, offered a payout, disciplined and ultimately accused of bullying after being told by staff that promotions were being offered to those willing to make accusations against him. As a result of this experience he understands the massive levels of corruption and criminality, and complete disregard for human life, amongst entities who purport to be “protecting” society, such as the medical licensing authorities, health service executive boards and compromised high-level politicians.

A longer interview (nearly 3 hours) with Dr Makis speaking in detail about his experiences, and the solutions he believes would return health care to the realm in which it belongs, is here.

The Trudeau liberals are heavily financially invested in pharmaceuticals … and the most profitable pharmaceuticals until the pandemic hit was going to be cancer treatment … Including molecular medical isotopes like I was using. But now of course they’re … trying to invest themselves into the production of mRNA vaccines. So there’s your motive right there. You can trace the money very clearly … The individual who’s pictured receiving the $10m cheque from Justin Trudeau directly, this is a nuclear medicine doctor like myself. This is my counterpart at BC Cancer...

Most recently he gave this shorter interview (45m) with Glen Jung at Bright Light News.

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