Dearie Me Delta

About 500 of Australia’s 25 million population die each day. In any given year historically, an average of between 1.5 to 10 per day (fluctuating with seasons), of those deaths have been due to or with, Influenza. Despite being in the middle of the Influenza season, Influenza deaths apparently no longer occur. Currently around two (between a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 8) of Australia’s daily total deaths are people who test positive with Covid-19. This is with mass testing of every hospitalised patient, which has never occurred previously, meaning the numbers are guaranteed to be higher than previous records for Influenza, which is not routinely tested for.

Covid-19 has developed the new monikier of “Delta“, apparently, although a friend overseas tells me Lambda is on its way into our lives, as per recent headlines. I look forward to someone teaching me what this actually means apart from “maintain the fear”. Recently a 15yo boy was reported to be in an Australian ICU with “Delta“. In fact, he had meningitis caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae. Regardless of Covid test result, someone with bacterial meningitis is acutely unwell and likely to require intensive care. Referring to him as a “Covid Case requiring ICU admission” appears dishonest at best.

Delta is more infectious but less dangerous, than the original wild type variant which some scientists say is no longer circulating and other scientists provide strong evidence for being laboratory engineered. Political leaders refer to Delta in fearful terms without any information other than “danger”. Data shows that Delta infects many who are vaccinated, seemingly due to vaccine failure. Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) caused by circulating vaccine strain antibodies assisting the new wild strain antigen to enter cells, is another possibility but scientists seem to disagree on whether ADE is occurring, although many have expressed deep concern about the possibility. Many have warned against vaccinating people en masse with non-sterilising substances during a pandemic. Giving the virus the chance to recognise ways to escape partial vaccine immunity encourages variant evolution. The mainstream consensus remains however, that we face a very dangerous variant which threatens the life of us all and means more vaccines are needed.

This is plainly incorrect.

Professor Christian Perrone is a virologist and bacteriologist who manages the Medical Department at the teaching hospital linked with University of Versaille-St Quentin near Paris. He recently lost his position as his university’s Head of Department For Infectious and Tropical Diseases, which he had held since 1994, for speaking out against the government’s pandemic response. He has chaired public health and vaccination policy committees for the French government over many years. “In the history of infectious disease and of medicine, it has never happened that politicians recommend systematic vaccinations to billions of people on the planet for a disease for which the rate of mortality is 0.05%. It is a very low rate and they are making everybody afraid. There is a new so-called Delta variant coming from India. But in fact all these variants are less and less virulent. In the populations who are inoculated at large, this is the place where these variants come out. So, for me, I don’t understand why the authorities in different countries are asking for mass inoculations, while the disease is so mild? More than 90% of the cases are in very old people, and we can treat them, we have hundreds of publications showing that early treatments work. We can control perfectly, the epidemic…”. The full 1h30m interview with Professor Perrone and Dr Anne-Marie Yim, a protein and immune response researcher, is at this UK Column link. They discuss the science behind their pandemic response concerns, and the sabotage of quality science and medical care by pharmaceutical industry interests which amount to scientific fraud and political crimes.

Panda scientist Marc Girardot wrote a very informative article, Pre-existing immunity to Covid-19, published on 16 August 2021. It’s a long and rather complicated read with many references, so not particularly easy despite being published for general readership. One of the reasons that this disease has been so effectively weaponised is that punchy headlines have far more impact than lengthy, data informed science on a complex issue. Immediately, the agenda of those promoting fear is on the front foot. People are now “protecting themselves” by keeping away from others, which is exactly the opposite of what is known about how our immune systems protect us, described well by Girardot. High rates of other respiratory illness such as RSV and parainfluenza, are occurring as a result of reduced human contact being erroneously seen as a protective measure.

Voices for Freedom are a New Zealand group fighting against the ill informed pandemic response. On the evening of 19 August they are hosting a webinar featuring Dr Peter Canaday, Pulmonary and Intensive Care Specialist, and Sue Grey, a lawyer. The cost of attendance is $10. It was initially planned as an in-person event in Auckland. A bonus of the nationwide lockdown in force since yesterday is that the presentation is now available online to everyone. Registration is available at Pfizer Vaccine: Fact or Fantasy? Voices for Freedom offer other support and information, which this link should lead to for anyone interested.

It seems that “lockdown” is a viable and valuable solution now, for multiple complex problems. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Economic Forum both openly discuss plans for ongoing lockdown measures to help assist with problems such as climate control and food security. Freedom and scientific knowledge have been surrendered in the name of manufactured safety which happens to require mass population control. Exciting times.

Conclusions from Pre-Existing Immunity From Covid-19, Marc Girardot

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