Dear Fellow New Zealander

Dear Fellow New Zealander,

The vaccine-injured need help.

Many people have had mRNA injections because it was mandatory in their workplace or because they wanted to co-operate as part of the team. There are many other reasons as well. Some were pro the injections and some were not. They allowed these products to be administered in good faith and were injured as a result.

At present it costs, on average, $850.00 for three months’ supply of supplements and medication to help these people to heal. This amount includes $75 for the first doctor’s appointment. Not everyone can afford this and many people are going untreated because there are no subsidies to help. Many have lost their jobs and need financial help.

We know there are New Zealanders who would like to be part of the solution and we are asking for you to come forward. One option is for you to commit to paying for the first 3 months of integrated health support for one of these people. If you would be able to do this we can pair you with a vaccine injured person who is being treated by NZDSOS. This can be a satisfying process for sponsors and patients who have the opportunity to get to know each other.

Alternatively, you might choose to donate an amount towards these costs without actually sponsoring an individual.

You might also find people in your community who are vaccine injured and offer them help directly.

The clinic employs nurses who co-ordinate health care, organise supplementation with guidance from the medical team, file reports, and offer support. The doctors fill prescriptions and review the history, organise blood tests and refer for further health care when necessary. A koha is requested for the nursing care and $75 is charged for the doctor’s appointment. The doctors are integrative health care physicians who are in touch with other such doctors internationally and thus are able to follow protocols and recommendations established through treating many thousands of patients globally.

The clinic employs people who have been mandated out of work and there is a culture of understanding, tolerance, respect and sympathy.

If you would like to make a difference to a vaccine injured person’s recovery, via this project, please contact:
or donate directly: 38-9007-0865032-03

We will make sure that your generosity is linked to a person who needs it.

Thank you so much from all of us.
NZDSOS help line clinic

A vaccine against the bacteria known as Hib was introduced to USA populations in the late 1980s. This happened to disease rates immediately.

Children under 5yo are vulnerable to Hib disease which can cause severe throat infection, pneumonia, meningitis, bone infection and cellulitis. Over the age of 5yo, the bacteria tends to cause minimal or no disease regardless of exposure and/or infection (except certain groups with specific risk factors, eg HIV+).

As such, Hib vaccine is recommended only for the vulnerable; children under 5yo or those with relevant risk factors. Healthy people aged 5yo or older who have never received a dose of Hib vaccine, are not recommended any.

As with thousands of other organisms, Hib bacteria circulates without causing harm amongst the non-vulnerable. If it was tested for amongst those with no symptoms, it would be frequently detected. The presence of micro-organisms without illness does not equate to infection or disease and so testing of the healthy is not useful. Repeat exposures in healthy people are important for keeping the immune system trained. However minimising exposure to sick (and therefore more likely to be infectious) people is basic common sense. This is best achieved by staying home when sick, to protect others; and taking reasonable precautions when caring for the sick.

In 2020 suggestions of protecting the vulnerable against Covid-19, an established public health practice, was suddenly labelled “murderous”. Testing the healthy became a recommended practice, kicked off by a man called Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeseus whose involvement in epidemics has previously caused great harm.

Practitioners everywhere scrambled to understand amidst fear and panic. Clinicians absent public health knowledge believed what they were told. Many who did understand fell into line in order to retain employment, careers and reputations. Only the bravest (craziest?) spoke out, falling foul of a Big Tech / Big Media / Big Pharma / Big Government machine that was ready and willing to destroy.

~ Professor John Ioannidis, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist,
speaking with Oncologist/Epidemiologist, Professor Vinay Prasad

Rather than diminishing opposition, the smearing and intimidation tactics have brought many public health practitioners out of the woodwork to stand up for public health ethics, often at great personal cost. Collectives have formed into an effective resistance movement, for example World Council for Health; HART and BIRD in the UK; PANDA; NZ Health Forum; NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science; Covid Medical Network in Australia; Americas Frontline Doctors; FLCCC; and multiple others.

Today, vaccines associated with the below outcomes are considered effective. Anyone suggesting otherwise is branded “anti vaxxa”.

Dr Scott Atlas has been a stalwart of common sense and established public health principles. Despite extremely ferocious vilification, he continues to speak out persistently, eg here at the newly formed Hillsdale College. Will Truth Prevail?

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