The Cavalry is Us

Vaccinologists: aka “anti vaxxas”.

Brianne Dressen, a young fit mother and early childhood teacher, signed up for the Astra-Zeneca vaccine trial in Utah in November 2020. She subsequently suffered severe injuries. She described her experiences with Robert F Kennedy Jr on his 16 January 2022 podcast. Her injuries include vision, hearing and balance disturbances, a feeling of being electrocuted 24/7, lower body paralysis with differential diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, severe heart palpitations, severe shaking, and multiple other effects.

She also discussed the support that groups of vaccine-injured are able to provide to each other online, but which requires them to dance around the persistent censorship from mainstream media and social media platforms; the concealment of her adverse event by Astra-Zeneca; her communications with the New England Journal of Medicine; and the way that the test clinic discarded her. 180 people were withdrawn from the same study and it is unknown how many were due to injuries, which is not reported by Astra-Zeneca. The labyrinthine conflicts of interest between pharma, regulatory agencies and big funders are described.

Liz Gunn at FreeNZ interviews New Zealand victims suffering similar injuries, and speaks out against vaccine mandates being imposed across the nation. In Canada 50,000 trucks have formed a mandate protest convoy reported to be over 100km long involving 1.4 million people, which Justin Trudeau has described as “a small fringe minority expressing unacceptable views”. He has also referred to those opposing vaccine mandates as “racist misogynists”.

Pot … Kettle?

The owners of Lone Star restaurant in New Lynn, West Auckland, spoke to cameras yesterday about their losses, the unsustainable new reality for small business and the apparent illegality of enforced measures. “Do businesses enforcing these mandates and vaccine passports realise that once these boosters have been mandated, it is likely that less than half the population will be eligible to attend your businesses, making business harder than ever? Have you seen what’s happened to Israel? Less than half of the double-jabbed opted to be boosted. This is an attack on small business and has nothing to do with public safety … The mandates thrown on the hospitality industry late November 2021 saw three legislation changes within one week. As a direct result of this, many hospitality businesses were forced to close and there were suicides. Why isn’t mainstream media talking about this?“.

Dr Allison Goodwin of NZDSOS explained the assault on society as public health is used as an excuse to wage war against innocent citizens who are losing – and will lose – everything. “Fear is deliberately being used as a weapon to manipulate us. The governments of the world are employing behavioural psychologists to teach them how to use fear effectively … Being exposed to daily case and death counts with no context. So no information or understanding of what a case is and what the context of a persons death is. Was it a previously well, fit, healthy person, or was it a person who was already about to die? And the cases. Are they actually sick people or are they just positive tests? Having those numbers day after day, without any context, induces fear“.

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Dr Reiner Fuellmich and attorney Viviane Fischer held a press conference in Brussels yesterday to discuss legal actions being taken to stop the crimes occurring against innocent citizens across the world. Despite the evil actions which they summarise, behind which is an agenda of embezzlement and domination disguised as a public health emergency in order to ensure as much compliance as possible, they give a message of hope to the world. “It is always darkest before dawn. Dawn is when the lights come on. This means of course, that things will get better. That we will get rid of the mask mandates, social distancing and most importantly, very very dangerous shots… But this will not happen if we stand at the sidelines and wait for someone to turn on the light. Or the cavalry to come riding in and save us. This time we are the cavalry. We have to turn on the light“.

“Building Back Better” and “The Great Reset”: mere conspiracy theories? Daily Expose article exposes “Mister Global”, aka “The Davos Crowd”.

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