This Unexpected Fight

Nikolai Petrovsky, Professor of Medicine and Director of Endocrinology at Flinders University, whose private company developed COVAX-19, is ceasing employment at Flinders Medical Centre due to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate. He spoke to an audience in South Australia about a week ago, in this two minute clip. His full speech and answers to audience questions, … More This Unexpected Fight

The Time To Stand Is Now

Probably the most informative documentary available to describe exactly what is happening to our world today is The Corbett Report: Bill Gates Full Documentary. Whilst qualified experts with specialised knowledge on issues from clinical medicine to epidemiology continue to be censored aggressively, Gates holds forte with mainstream media including news channels, comedian shows and printed … More The Time To Stand Is Now

Facts Not Fear

Next to “do no harm”, one of the first principles of public health was always to promote facts in order to allay public fears related to infectious disease. That was until 2020, when suddenly the world closed down in the name of fear. The documentary trustWHO offers some explanation to the background of this, as … More Facts Not Fear


Why do we need vaccine passports? Canadian Covid Care Alliance produced this two minute video explaining them. The latest testimony provided to Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s Corona Ausschuss investigation comes from journalist and historian, Matthew Ehret. Zero Hedge published this article by Tyler Durden about Pfizer’s new anti-Covid oral medication. Pfizer Launches Final Study For COVID … More Pfizermectin