A Lawyer on Lockdown Lunacies

Quite a few really impressive lawyers are getting involved in the fight for justice around the colossal harms of lockdowns. Atlanta based lawyer and researcher Michael Senger has investigated the origins of lockdown as a public health response in 2020. Sky News Australia interviewed Michael Senger in September 2020, ten minutes worth listening to.

Today Senger wrote the below on Twitter. He describes exactly why this year has been the darkest of my life. Largely because so many who have been slightly inconvenienced or even had a comfortable interlude seem unconcerned or even approving of the pandemic response. Largely because the discipline I spent most of my career working in has played such a significant role in causing extreme and horrific damage. Largely because so much power has been given so freely to some of the world’s worst. Without people like Senger and many other informed, ethical people on Twitter, plus one or two of the people in my closest circle who share my despair, I am unsure how I would have retained my sanity through 2020. I can only hope that moving into 2021, a collective awareness of these harms develops and true public health, removed from divisive political agendas and acknowledging communities as holistic entities with social, economic and comprehensive health needs, returns in a much more enduring and trustworthy form.

My work is sometimes criticized for not discussing the merits of lockdown—perhaps even exculpating western leaders by blaming the CCP. Others know better. This thread is for the victims of lockdown, the greatest crime of the 21st century.

2/ Over 60% of business closures from lockdown are now permanent—over 97,000 businesses lost in the U.S. That “leaders” across the world transformed into tyrants, believing they had a right to bankrupt their subjects, is the core evil of lockdown. Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent. [CNBC September 16, 2020]

3/ Nearly half of black-owned small businesses have been wiped out. The Covid-19 Crisis Has Wiped Out Nearly Half of Black Small Businesses. [Forbes August 10, 2020]

4/ Unemployment in the U.S. reached as high as 14.7% and highways have jammed with thousands of vehicles awaiting their turn at food banks. It’s ‘People, People, People’ as Lines Stretch Across America. [New York Times April 12, 2020]

5/ Nearly 5% of the population of the U.K. went hungry during the first three weeks of lockdown. Three million go hungry in UK because of lockdown. [Financial Times April 11, 2020]

6/ A survey found that 22% of Canadians were experiencing high anxiety levels, a four-fold increase from before the lockdowns, while the number reporting symptoms of depression doubled to 13%. Canadians reporting higher levels of anxiety, depression amid the pandemic. [Global News October 11, 2020]

7/ More than 40 U.S. states have reported increases in opioid-related mortality. American Medical Association Advocacy Resource Center Issue Brief. [December 9, 2020]

8/ And, per CDC, despite mass PCR testing and disproportionate false positives, at least 100,947 excess deaths in 2020 were not even linked to COVID-19 AT ALL. In other words, over 100,000 Americans were murdered this year by their OWN GOVERNMENT. Excess Deaths Associated with Covid-19, by Age and Race and Ethnicity – United States, January 26-October 3, 2020. [MMRW, 23 October 2020]

9/ Though at little risk from the virus itself, young people bore an outsized share of the burden. More than 70% of adults ages 18-23 said they experienced common symptoms of depression. More than 7 in 10 Gen-Zers report symptoms of depression during pandemic, survey finds. [CNBC, October 21, 2020]

10/ CDC revealed that young adults aged 25-44 years saw the largest increase in “excess” deaths from previous years, a stunning 26.5% JUMP, despite accounting for FEWER THAN 3% of deaths from COVID-19. New CDC Numbers Show Lockdown’s Deadly Toll on Young People. [Daily Wire, October 23, 2020]

11/ In Ireland, reports of rape and child sex abuse nearly doubled. Covid-19: Reports of rape and child sex abuse rise sharply during pandemic. [Irish Times, July 20, 2020]

12/ Suicides jumped to unprecedented levels around the world. “We’ve never seen numbers like this in such a short period of time,” said Walnut Creek’s Dr. Mike deBoisblanc. “I mean we’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.” Suicides on the rise amid stay-at-home order, Bay Area medical professionals say. [ABC7 News, May 22, 2020]

13/ “September of 2020 has been the highest month ever that we’ve seen suicidal patients admitted to our medical center,” said Kia Carter, M.D., medical director of Psychiatry at Cook Children’s Hospital. HOSPITAL: 37 children attempted suicide in September, highest number in five years. [CBS Austin, October 28, 2020]

14/ In Japan, government statistics show suicide claimed more lives in October than Covid-19 did over the entire year to date. In Japan, more people died from suicide last month than from Covid in all of 2020. And women have been impacted most. [CNN, November 30, 2020]

15/ And, despite being at virtually no risk from COVID, as a result of lockdowns, children have suffered the most of all. Nearly one in four children living under lockdowns are dealing with anxiety, with many at risk of lasting psychological distress. ‘Children at risk of lasting psychological distress from Coronavirus lockdown’: Save the Children [Relief Web, May 8, 2020]

16/ In recent surveys of over 6000 children and parents in the US, Germany, Finland, Spain and the UK by Save the Children, up to 65% of the children struggled with boredom and feelings of isolation. ‘Children at risk of lasting psychological distress from coronavirus lockdown’: Save the Children. [Save the Children, May 8, 2020]

17/ Children’s health and intellectual development has regressed. Some who were potty-trained before lockdowns have reverted to diapers, and others have forgotten basic numbers or how to use a knife and fork. Children regressing and struggling mentally in lockdown, says Ofsted. [The Guardian, 10 November, 2020]

18/ American children over the age of ten have engaged in 50% less physical activity during lockdown. Lockdowns could have long-term effects on children’s health. [The Economist, July 19, 2020]

19/ Achievement gaps have widened, and early literacy has declined. In D.C., achievement gap widens, early literacy progress declines during pandemic, data show. [Washington Post, October 31, 2020]

20/ And, most horrifyingly of all, a study from the United Kingdom found a 1,493% rise in the incidence of abusive head trauma among children over the course of the COVID-19 crisis. Rise in the incidence of abusive head trauma during the Covid-19 pandemic. [British Medical Journal, Archives of Disease in Childhood, June 24, 2020]

21/ These are not statistics. They’re old friends, loved ones, and intelligent human beings with thoughts, feelings, and dreams, whose lives have been needlessly destroyed by our own governments’ policies.

22/ But while these statistics in developed nations may be horrifying, they pale in comparison to the suffering of untold millions in the developing world, cast into starvation and poverty as a result of our lockdowns.

23/ In India, millions of stranded workers lost their livelihoods and marched in exodus to far-off villages. India Tries to Stem Migrant Worker Exodus Amid Coronavirus Lockdown. [Wall Street Journal, March 29, 2020]

24/ In South Africa, food lines stretched for miles. Miles-long lines for food in South Africa. [YouTube, April 30, 2020]

25/ Quarantined migrants in Saudi Arabia were left to die. “The guards just throw the bodies out back as if it was trash.” Investigation: African migrants ‘left to die’ in Saudi Arabia’s hellish Covid detention centres. [The Telegraph, August 30, 2020]

26/ The United Nations forewarned of a “famine of biblical proportions” with 265 million people “literally marching to the brink of starvation” Coronavirus pandemic ‘will cause famine of biblical proportions’. [The Guardian, April 22, 2020]

27/ The UN later estimated that the crisis had “pushed an additional 150 million children into multidimensional poverty—deprived of education, health, housing, nutrition, sanitation or water.” Covid pushes millions more children deeper into poverty, study finds. [UN News, September 17, 2020]

28/ All this for a virus that caused no above-average mortality in countries without lockdowns—and which WHO estimates already infected 10% of people worldwide by October. In other words, all for absolutely nothing.

29/ Lockdown supporters may cower from these facts, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Journalists pretend to fool each other, dissociating by attributing these travesties to the “pandemic” instead of “lockdowns.” But God is not fooled. Night and Fog. [YouTube, July 2, 2020]

30/ Due to the CCP’s lockdown fraud, millions of lives have been destroyed and millions murdered—by their own governments. The CCP and its enablers must be held accountable to stop lockdowns, ensure they never happen again, and see that justice is done.

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