Misleading the World

I don’t know if Israel National News is a mainstream media outlet, but I guess perhaps it is not given the article Lawyers to sue WHO for ‘misleading world over COVID-19 outbreak’ which they published on 28 February 2021. The article includes a video interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich which I first shared here three months ago when I wrote Clickbait and Kludge.

The information from Dr Fuellmich and his investigative team isn’t fading away into the ether of conspiratorial cults. In fact it is becoming more pertinent as evidence acrrues and we slowly start to realise one by one, that a series of events over the past year has not made logical sense. The world’s most vulnerable will suffer the consequences for decades. Many millions of children have unnecessarily missed an entire year of school; elderly in care homes have been separated from their families and existed in almost complete isolation for a full year near the end of their life, many of whom have died alone; hundreds of thousands of business owners are bankrupted; workers across the impoverished world suddenly found themselves stranded and even more vulnerable to abuse than before; millions of starving children; and the many millions of individual stories of suffering, hardship, abuse and unnecessary death across the globe.

As Dr Roger Hodkinson stated passionately on 19 November 2020, a five minute video which has been removed from YouTube for violating their terms of service, “This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”. Dr Hodkinson has since been severely maligned for speaking out against the consensus narrative of locking down society as a public health intervention.

The below transcript from part of the interview with Dr Fuellmich about his legal team’s investigations into the corruption playing out, describes the extent of this hoax. A real virus is circulating but those with alterior motives and the knowledge to manipulate the situation have worked interconnectedly, in very sophisticated ways, to upturn modern society under the guise of public health, for their own personal gain.

WHO, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations… they are all supranational, private organisations. The World Economic Forum for example, was invented by a German by the name of Klaus Schwabb. He is a private person. This is an extremely powerful organisation right now because they lobby politicians through their annual meeting, at Davos. That’s where they mingle and that’s where many politicians who may not be the toughest people in the world, but who constantly have to pretend that they’re in power and that they know what they’re doing. Where many politicians are really flattered by being so close to the really powerful.

So you have the self-appointed political elite, and you have the self-appointed corporate elite, who are meeting over and over again. They are so close that in the meantime they have in some instances usurped the government’s sovereign powers, the most important right that we have all over the world. The right to free speech. The fundamental right, the most important right for democracy, because you have to be able to discuss different opinions, which is not happening right now. And the power to regulate this should be the government’s power.

But look at what’s happening. My English version of my video was taken down by YouTube. That’s Google. So they believe that they have the power to censor us. That is not right. We have to take back the powers from them and put them back to where it belongs, with the government. And we have to take a really close look at who is in government and who became too close to these corporations….

The concrete instance of how we became alerted to this. One of us watched a film clip on the internet. It was filmed in May of 2019. This was a congress that was held by the leading German governmental party, CDU (Christian Democratic Union). We have a grand coalition which is ruling our country and the stronger one of the two parties is the CDU. They held this Congress in May of 2019. You would expect all of the people who play a role in this party to be there: Angela Merkel; the Secretary of Health. But in addition to that, there was this now infamous Professor, Doctor Christian Drosten, of Charite University. The one who pushed the idea that this is going to be a really dangerous pandemic and the one who convinced the world – not just Germany, but the world, because his test was the one recommended by the World Health Organisation, to be used all over the world – he convinced the world that with PCR tests you can see how many people are infected with the Coronavirus, with Covid.

So he was there. At first I thought well maybe he’s a member of the CDU? No. There was Professor Wieler, he runs the German equivalent of the CDC, the RKI (Robert Koch Institute). Professor Wieler, who’s a veterinarian, how did he get into that position? Then there was Tedros, of the World Health Organisation. Dr Tedros, many people think he’s a doctor. No, he’s a philosopher. And there were the two leading lobbyists of the two biggest, most important, richest health care organisations in the world which is Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. They were all there.

Now this could have been a coincidence but we kept looking and then we could see that these people had met over and over and over again through the years. And these very same people, who met in May of 2019, are the ones who then called the pandemic in March of 2020. The very same people.

And it was Drosten, whose paper, written January 23rd I think it was published, and the experts we spoke with say it’s very sloppy, he wrote it with other authors. Very sloppy, but it’s the centrepiece of this pandemic. Because it spells out that with a PCR test that he invented specifically for this purpose, we would be able to tell who was infected and how many people are infected. A blatant lie as we now know.

At the same time… we found out that there’s a Chinese paper which is also written about this pandemic and how to best play it. The Chinese paper is very well done. And one of the experts who advises us on our committee said the Chinese don’t need any advice from the Germans. They don’t need any help from us. They could have taken the Chinese paper. It now turns out the Drosten paper was only there to convince the rest of the world to use the PCR tests in order to test for infection. The Chinese paper seems to be the one that was used by the Chinese. The Chinese don’t have a pandemic anymore. They understood very quickly that this was made up. Maybe they took part in making it up”.

Independent journalists are fighting back against owned mainstream outlets who only share the consensus narrative. Anna Brees is an excellent example. Her interview on 1 March 2021 with David Rose, Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Pierre Kory discusses the issue of Ivermectin, a recognised and very cheap treatment which has been removed from authorised treatment protocols. Despite having known therapeutic effects, doctors are banned from using it, in favour of new, expensive drugs connected with the same corporations offering us the tests, vaccines and other products being fiercely promoted, to the point of being linked to “freedom passports”.

Here, Richie Allen interviews Dr Thomas Binder, another specialist speaking out at great personal expense. He studied Immunology and Virology before specialising in Cardiology and describes himself as having over 30 years’ experience in diagnostics and treatments. In 2020, as a clinician, he suddenly found himself required to follow rules set by non-clinical biologists and epidemiologists coordinating the pandemic response using faulty tests, and enforcing doctors to test healthy people which he describes as against medical ethics and common sense. In February 2020 he became suspicious that something was wrong, but he waited until March “when I was 200% sure”, to speak out. He wrote in opposition of the PCR tests and was arrested by an anti-terrorism squad, under a false accusation of having threatened the government. He was soon released but a colleague claimed he had “covid insanity” and he was sectioned as a psychiatric inpatient for six days. He has since employed a legal team to investigate these events. He discusses the fact that the attacks against himself and other doctors daring to speak out are used as a way to silence most from speaking out against the consensus narrative.

Dr Binder also describes the 2009 “pandemic” as a “Flu Swindle” which was similar to Covid-19 but was stopped much earlier than this pandemic. As I have described before, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg coordinated events which stopped the Swine Flu pandemic response, and has paid a very high price for daring to do so. Dr Binder speaks about the corruption within World Health Organisation at length; they changed the threshold for defining a pandemic in 2009 so that “any cold or flu virus” can be declared a pandemic, and when such a declaration is made, countries are required to impose the same measures at the same time, in lockstep, “so we end up in a kind of totalitarian world government”. He outlines how many, even in high level government positions, don’t understand what they are involved in, and that rather than being evil, it is a form of mass delusion. But that once we are enlightened, we must stand up and speak out to stop the insanity playing out. The industry is new medications, new tests, new vaccines, being led by people who refer to themselves as “Virus Hunters”.

He discusses how our paradoxical response to the virus has caused much more harm than the virus itself, with testing of healthy people being “the coronation of insanity”. The majority of those being tested have no symptoms, and this was never previously a public health intervention. If, as we are currently doing with Covid, we used a non-specific, non-validated, non-standardised test with high cycle threshold for Influenza, to test the whole population, we would also find ourselves in an Influenza epidemic. Video footage from China and Northern Italy was frightening, creating understandable panic a year ago, including in the medical profession. This led to over-treatment of patients including the use of toxic doses of medications [and use of ventilators] recommended erroneously by World Health Organisation. The way to assess the pandemic is not by looking at case numbers, or even numbers of Covid deaths, but rather at ICU occupancy and excess death rates. He discusses the fact that despite the reported numbers of Covid-19 deaths, very few places globally have seen any excess deaths at all.

The interview with Dr Binder is almost an hour long, and his interviewer has a strong Irish accent, but it provides observations of the Covid-19 pandemic which are worth considering.

There has never been a counter-argument to anything I have said. Only a label. This is proof that I am correct. Any doctor on this planet has a duty to stick to his oath, and to reality, and to stand up to this insanity. To inform the public so that the informed public can use lawyers to reinstitute law. Always by peaceful means. In a democracy the populace should decide. Not the governments following some multi billionairre psychopaths“. ~ Dr Thomas Binder

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