Complicated Conspiracies

It’s hard to fathom how and why so much established public health became obsolete in a single year.

It turns out that some of the world’s best investigators belong to the scientific community. Competent researchers have transferable skills. The brains behind this summary of why an information technology billionaire governs the global pandemic response and the implications of this for us all, is a scientific visualisation artist, meaning he designs visualisations of such things as viruses and bacteria.

The terror of the past year has done a lot of damage. But it has activated and acquainted the world’s most astute minds and humane souls. They are currently being aggressively censored by platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google. But ultimately they stand on the right side of history.

Scott Atlas speaks for 15 minutes to Larry O’Connor here, on the destructions of fear driven lockdown policies.

Twitter Censors Famed Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff.

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