Partners in Propaganda

A year ago I was jolting from one conflicting public health message to the next, feeling gaslighted at every turn as very basic outbreak control principles were turned on their head, led by a need for us all to be afraid of things which defied basic science. We were convinced a unique virus had taken hold for which there is universal susceptibility despite data showing otherwise very early on. Seasonality, age gradiated risk and regional variation have been aggressively denied, contradicting basic epidemiology. A test not fit for purpose remains the mainstay for diagnosis and testing protocols target healthy people, contradicting basic public health. Basic principles of immunity have been refuted. Healthy people have been told they could kill their loved ones merely by going near them, leading to senseless introduction of social isolation and universal masking rules. There are multiple scarey variant stories published in the media constantly which use, but at the same time contradict, basic virology as a means to generate fear. Case studies about “long covid” are reported on as though post-viral syndrome has never existed for any other virus. Daily death counts are announced by excited media pundits providing no context. Reasonable reports would include additional information such as how many people die from other causes on a daily basis (Covid-19 represents a tiny proportion), whether the Covid-19 death counts contribute to any excess death (this appears to be minimal to non existent), or whether dying “with” a PCR positive test equates to dying “from” Covid-19 disease, which seems unlikely in many cases. The case of “Covid-19 pancreatitis” listed on a death certificate mentioned by Nick Hudson is an excellent example of the absurdities transpiring.

The biggest and most damaging lie, which is easy to maintain because of the fear generated from the gamut of smaller lies, is the idea that locking down society and destroying the social determinants which protect the health of societies, such as secure income, employment, safe housing, access to health care, cultural life, social networking and basic liberties, was somehow going to “protect” us. This has led to a multi-trillion dollar direct transfer to the wealthiest classes as middle classes and especially the world’s poorest are decimated.

China, whose lockdowns were miraculously “effective” within a single month, convincing governments everywhere via the support of sycophantic WHO officials, that this was a new and effective public health measure to be emanated, now have the healthiest economy on earth. They have recently overtaken the USA as the nation with the most billionaires, all of whom will be Chinese Communist Party members with high social credit scores. How any of this protects the world is a mystery to me and the harms caused by lockdowns are very well documented across multiple information sources as I have been sharing here for months.

Jordan Schachtel summarises The Big Lie at his article here, including video footage of some of the original propaganda used to mesmerise us with fear, setting off the cascade of chaos continuing today.

Proof that lockdown works from the Chinese Communist Party

This year, older and wiser, I am no longer surprised by any pandemic narrative which conflicts, distorts, deceives or gaslights in any way. I understand why it’s happening. I hate it. I am angry and afraid for the world. But I understand it now.

Despite the extremely clear and fervent evidence given to US Congress by the articulate and frustrated pneumonologist Dr Pierre Kory of the Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance in December, we are told to believe the opposite. That there is a “lack of data” demonstrating the benefits of Ivermectin in treating Covid-19 patients. Facebook now block Dr Kory’s team from using the word “Ivermectin” on their platform. Why?

As reported at WHO joins Europe, Merck, in recommending against ivermectin for COVID-19, the World Health Organisation, European Medicines Agency, Federal Drug Administration and Merck, a big pharma company who manufacture Ivermectin, all state that Ivermectin is not a safe or effective treatment for Covid-19 disease. A year ago this article quoting such “trustworthy” organisations would have been enough to convince me. This year, acutely aware of the web of constant lies, it comes as no surprise to learn that their own findings openly contradict their claims.

A meta-analysis summary dated November 2020 states:

Ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID-19. The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive as the 50 studies to date is estimated to be 1 in 1 quadrillion (p = 0.000000000000001). As expected for an effective treatment, early treatment is more successful, with an estimated reduction of 81% in the effect measured using a random effects meta-analysis, RR 0.19 [0.09-0.38].

Twitter have suspended the account of the medical professionals responsible for this research. Why?

Merck manufacture Ivermectin which is used to treat parasitic infections such as scabies and hookworm in mostly impoverished communities. Ivermectin costs around $3 per tablet and has a high safety profile. So why would Merck deny it as an effective treatment with unknown safety profile for Covid-19 when multiple studies have shown otherwise?

Meanwhile we have been convinced that the only way lives can possibly be saved is the emergency use of a range of vaccines, many using new and previously untested technologies manufactured at warp speed and being administered en masse to people who are not informed of their status as Phase 3 trial participants. We are also being convinced that every single person on the planet is indicated vaccination, regardless of their risk profile, again contradicting basic public health principles. Anyone questioning this is quickly labelled a conspiratorial anti-vaxxer. That includes the likes of experts who sit on advisory boards for vaccination scheduling recommendations and safety reviews.

[There is an] unholy alliance of Big Tech, Big Pharma and a very captured media, often owned or funded by Big Tech or Big Pharma. And these super-national organisations such as the Gates Foundation who are grotesquely powerful and able to manipulate narratives like there’s no tomorrow. This is a convergence of incentivesThe problems here are all caused by these overtly centralised and suppressive organisations: WHO, CDC… The mechanisms for error correction have been destroyed; they are wrong about everything and noone is allowed to say it. The censorship is astonishing. ~ Nick Hudson of PANDA

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