Seizing Senses

It’s only just over a year since I assumed that those around me were equally horrified by the below Guardian article. Apparently I was completely incorrect and Communist style governance is considered fine when presented as the only way that our health can be protected. Which is a pseudoscientific lie of course, but established as a universal truth with surprising ease.

The UK National Health Service are now rolling out vaccine passports, which are also being discussed (and no doubt it’s merely a matter of time) across the globe. In China, if your digitalised social credit doesn’t meet required standards, your employment, your child’s education, your opportunities such as to own a business, to travel or where you can choose to live, are all restricted. These freedoms are already threatened across the globe, with small business closures and mortgage foreclosures occurring at unprecedented rates; schooling-at-home established in many places; work-from-home an established “new normal” for many; and few of us able to travel without explaining ourselves and offering up our physical and financial freedoms to testing, masking, quarantines, vaccines and obedience. Claims that “if you have nothing to hide then it’s okay” ignore the fact that should you merely hold the wrong opinion on a given issue, your whole life can be restricted. Ask any Chinese citizen. Not that they are free to speak on it.

Centralised power and groupthink are not enlightened ideas. They benefit people who already held excessive power and who do not have benevolent intent. Digitalised control over whole populations; increased need for technology in order to work and school from home; tests, masks, vaccines, new therapeutics whilst old drugs known to work are severely restricted at the cost of many lives. These all offer profits and power to a minority whilst controlling the rest. The social determinants of health which actually protect us from needing Gates style “innovative solutions” such as education, social contact and secure employment, are now secondary to staying “Covid Safe”.

UK National Health Service Covid-19 Vaccination Status Service (Vaccination Passport by any other name). The World Economic Forum have since deleted this tweet promoting mandated vaccinations, perhaps one hopeful sign that opposition is mounting to their “great reset”.

Rolling out The Great Reset
Apparently The Great Reset is just a conspiracy and those who mention it, conspiracists. World Economic Forum leader and direct Nazi Party descendant Klaus Schwab would intend no harm on anyone.

In her interview here, Dr Sherri Tenpenny states “My patients who are Eastern European immigrants, [when they come to my clinic], oh my goodness. They spend the first fifteen minutes being so angry. And yelling, “What is wrong with you? What is wrong with Americans?! I left Russia-Romania-Serbia-Bosnia to come to a free country. What’s WRONG with you?!“. Was the President of Belarus lying when he said “They told me if I keep my people locked down, I can receive additional funds”? Was the President of Tanzania lying when he stated that the SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests donated by China, when used to test fruit, engine oil and goats, produced positive results?

If you take a test for “strep throat” when you have no symptoms (something which was never done for any respiratory disease before 2020, of course), and it tests positive, does that mean you “have strep throat” and need treatment? The answer is no: for Strep Throat, for Covid-19 and for any other respiratory disease, when there are no symptoms. Our airways are constantly exposed to and colonised by trillions of bacteria and viruses which mainly do no harm and which we need to challenge, train and maintain a robust immune system. Yet today, testing for a tiny fragment of a single virus is being used to control the global population, perhaps with the exception of those who can afford super yachts and private jets. It makes no sense and the harms are untold.

Pseudoscience promoted by people with massive centralised power has overtaken the globe. Bill Gates lectures public health students! He has no qualification on this and he openly speaks of the profits he makes directly from public health initiatives such as vaccination and “innovative therapeutics”. In the name of fear there is almost zero opposition and almost universal embracing of this “new normal”. Our principles and our freedoms have been seized in the name of “public health” and anyone opposing this is “a conspiracist”. Our senses have also been seized.

The first sign that pseudoscience was in motion: “lockdown” explained China’s reduction in “cases” according to the World Health Organisation. An institution who we are supposed to be able to trust and who are staffed by people who know public health, and therefore should know better. Known influences on all respiratory infections such as pre-existing resistance, population immunity and seasonality were (and continue to be) vehemently denied as we were all told to hunker down in infinite fear. History clearly shows us – repeatedly over many centuries – that fear, and claims for concern about keeping the people safe, is the tool of all totalitarian regimes. It deserved to be resisted. Instead, devastation has wreaked havoc and is delivering unopposed power to a New World Order.

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