Stabbed By Covid?

Nicole Sirotek, a whistleblower Registered Nurse with America’s Frontline Nurses, describes working in New York for a month last year, at a time when it was America’s Covid epicentre. This quote is from Ask The Nurses Podcast Episode 18, starting from approximately 45 minutes.
In my entire time in New York, which was like a month, I never saw a person actually die of Covid. It was medical error, it was negligence, it was starving them to death, it was not giving them water for days … When they put me in the trauma bay, a person came in dead on arrival with a knife in their chest and they put it down as Covid … We had hospice patients coming in and they would be put on a ventilator. I was like, but they’re hospice? That’s not how it works? They came in with a pain control issue, because we shut everything down and the family couldn’t control the pain. That’s not a good quality of life, that’s not a way to spend your last moments with your family. And so they’d be a hospice patient and, boom, intubated, and marked down as Covid, even though they were dying of some sort of metastatic cancer or advanced dementia. We didn’t have tests, so it was like “presumed Covid”, and that would get you your $39,000“.

Sirotek’s experience seems in keeping with Canadian scientist Denis Rancourt’s findings that the Covid death spikes which occurred simultaneously in multiple locations across North America directly following a specific World Health Organisation announcement, were “unnatural”, and due to human intervention. Rancourt talks on The Highwire for 20 minutes about a number of pandemic issues including research relating to use of facemasks, and also his report, All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response.

Rancourt speaks of quite basic public health in lay friendly terms. Yet he has been silenced, cancelled and viciously attacked. Global Frontline Nurses, America’s Frontline Doctors, most if not all scientists and public health experts volunteering with PANDA, Dr John Lee of HART, Megan Mansell, Kristen Meghan and thousands of others who speak out on their area of expertise, against the consensus narrative, have all experienced persistent and aggressive censorship.

The Swedish Public Health Agency yesterday announced that PCR tests are not useful in determining infection with, or infectiousness from, the virus which causes COVID-19. PANDA, HART and other public health collaborations have been shouting this into the void for many months. Lockdown policies dismantling society and destroying all except the most privileged peoples’ futures has been entirely based on these tests.


One thought on “Stabbed By Covid?

  1. All this is because it is a way for the communist to rule over America. I remember Nakita Kruchev the Russian leader at the time…said ” America we will bury you, we will destroy you from within” and as you can see his method is working on the ignorant morons who sucked up all this crap being fed to them and making our beloved country “America” sink into oblivion….WAKE UP America, stop the communist take over….the idiots who are bowing down to it will be destroyed once the communist take over, because they were the useful idiots!!!!!


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