The Emperor Has No Clothes

On 11 June independent journalist Anna Brees interviewed Dr Roger Hodkinson. They discuss multiple issues. “It might not be in our lifetime. But we have done our best. And we can sleep at night.

On the same day Dr Hodkinson testified to the Corona Ausschuss, with Dr Reiner Fuellmich and Attorney Viviane Fischer. Informed, relevantly qualified and experienced professionals like Hodkinson are expressing concerns clearly, rationally and repeatedly. He describes from North America, but we experience it on the other side of the world as well; globally and in lockstep, government regulators and mainstream media deliberately censoring clinicians and public health experts on the topic of lockdowns and the experimental vaccine rollout.

I was trying to remember the last time I ever witnessed such censorship of qualified professionals with genuine, rational and informed concerns for public health based on experience and knowledge? They are up against unqualified, ill-informed and inexperienced media pundits with well financed political backing.

Why would clinical concern about a new and experimental intervention need to be so strictly censored? Who would benefit by “protecting” the public from information?

The only way this can end is by informed people like Dr Hodkinson continuing to speak out articulately and confidently against a flawed conformity.

They are loud. They are clear. They will be on the right side of history. As will many other currently-labelled “conspiracists”, such as the Corona Ausschuss team who are growing into an international class action.

The Corona Ausschuss : Germany's legal team

Maskless with no social distancing at the G7, where international landings required no testing, no quarantine, no vaccine passports.

4 thoughts on “The Emperor Has No Clothes

  1. Try to use short paragraphs, I suggest – one per point.

    One of those points which I wish you had made is that the scientists and lawyers fighting the ‘vaccines’ operation are all absolutely appalling at communicating their messages in a way that will attract vast numbers of people to watch their videos.

    They desperately need to learn to make their key points – bang, bang, bang – at the beginning of their videos, and of their articles… otherwise, they (and we) are going to lose this fight.

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    1. I agree. Their problem is that their skill is in science, not in PR. And they don’t have funding for PR. It definitely is a part of the problem. A few manage it via natural talent, eg Reiner Fuellmich, Roger Hodkinson.

      Thanks for the tip. I don’t have an editor, happy to take constructive criticism. 🙂

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