Before The Fear

George Grosman grew up under a Communist regime in what was then Czechoslovakia before leaving at the age of 18 years old for “the free world”. He lives in Florida now, but his family including adult children are elsewhere. Kate Wand is a Canadian who grew up in “the free world” and is a new mother. They are both musicians/artists. They talk history and human rights together at Growing Up Under Communism w/ George Grosman.

Dr Peter McCullough, a voice of calm and courageous expertise in the American media, addresses the issue of pandemic fear mongering in this three minute clip from The Ingraham Angle.

In 2017 in Australia the number of people with Influenza Like Illness presenting for GP Consultations almost doubled at its peak from the previous year. As an Australian I don’t remember hearing anything about this. No fear, no testing of healthy people, no lockdown, no masks, no social distancing, no hysteria. Influenza-like illness and antimicrobial prescribing in Australian general practice from 2015 to 2017: a national longitudinal study using the MedicineInsight dataset, British Medical Journal May 2019
In 2018 Australia’s Northern Territory (population: 246,500) had an outbreak of influenza with 200 hospitalisations in the space of about six weeks. I was there at the time. I also made a ten day overseas trip out and back into the NT as the outbreak was in full swing. I don’t remember it. Influenza Outbreak in the Top End Continues
In 2019 at least 812 Australians died with Influenza. These are called “influenza-associated deaths” because influenza may not be the actual cause of death in people with other underlying disease who also had influenza at their time of death. I was in Australia at the time. I don’t remember it. Australian Influenza Surveillance Report, 23 September to 6 October 2019
Every year in Australia from 2,000 to 4,000 people die from Influenza and Pneumonia. The number fluctuates year to year and the multiple possible causative organisms are often not known and often not tested for. I don’t remember anyone calling for testing of every ill case, let alone of healthy people. All of us have various pathogens fleeting across our nasal mucosa transiently without causing illness. As one example of many, up to 20% of people at any one time have Pneumococcal bacteria in our nose and throat. This does not make us all a “pneumonia case”. Nor does it make us a granny killer if the same strain happens to cause pneumonia in an elderly person. The same can be said for multiple infectious organisms. If we tested for them, we’d find them in healthy people. These tiny challenges are required for our immune systems to maintain their strength against infectious diseases. How do WHO and other public health agencies not understand this and why are they spreading lies about it? Causes of Death, Australia : Australian Bureau of Statistics

Why does one require fear and lockdown policy, while the other is accepted?
Something happened in 2020 to change society’s levels of fear.


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