Shady Science of Scariants / Sameiants

Dr Anthony Fauci is the most powerful public health “expert” in the world today. An Immunologist and lifelong public servant, he has become a Democrat Party mascot. Children’s story books have been written about his pandemic heroism, his face is on coffee mugs and the cover of fashion magazines. In last year’s political turmoil he became the anti-Donald Trump. Robert F Kennedy Jr (himself a Democrat) discussed his recent book on Fauci in the interview I shared yesterday (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr Exposes Anthony Fauci, The Czar Of The Medical Mafia In Charge of the Pandemic Response).

Fauci has promoted lockdowns, social distancing, masks, suppressed effective treatments with existing drugs whilst promoting expensive and ineffective new drugs, and promoted novel new vaccines. Kennedy describes Fauci’s powerful connections to gain of function research and Big Pharma eloquently in the aforementioned interview. “Tony Fauci has lasted for fifty years at this job because he has been a good protector of the pharmaceutical industry. He has taken what used to be the best health regulatory agency in the world and turned it into a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry“.

Multiple experts who are not beholden to the power Fauci holds within government and whose opinions differ from Fauci, are speaking out against his ideas. Professor Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine & Bloomberg School of Public Health and Editor-in-Chief of Medpage, is no lightweight. He gives many interviews, including this recent analysis on Fox News.

Dr Makary: You’re going to hear a lot of fearmongering about the Delta variant, so let me break it down for you. It’s about 40% more transmissible but no evidence that it’s more deadly. We were told the B.1.1.7 was more deadly, the research came in showing that it’s not. Because it’s more contagious, we are seeing those that are not immune, primarily the young, see more cases. We are also testing too many people who already have immunity. That’s in violation of the CDC guidelines. Nursing homes, hospitals, are testing people already immune with no symptoms. And that is what is driving up some of those case numbers that look like Delta hospitalisations. So we’re not going to see a surge in cases, but we’re probably going to see a surge in [positive] PCR tests among those asymptomatic with Delta strain in their nose, but they’re not transmissible and they’re not sick from the illness.

Dr Fauci: The Delta variant is currently the greatest threat in the US to our attempt to eliminate Covid-19. Good news! Our vaccines are effective against the Delta variant! Conclusion! We have the tools. So let’s use them and crush the outbreak!

Interviewer: How much of this Delta messaging is just to try to get past people who are hestitant to get the vaccine?

Dr Makary: I think it’s used to manipulate people to get vaccinated and I’m for vaccines, but this has turned into a tool to try to coax people into it. Listen to the language. “Our biggest threat”. This is not our biggest threat. This has the same case fatality rate and is primarily infecting young people who have a case fatality rate similiar to seasonal flu. And also listen to Dr Fauci’s language seeking elimination. We should not be trying to seek elimination. That’s an elusive target and if we’re going to try to do that we’re going to be in this state forever.

Interviewer: When he said we have the tools so let’s use them and crush the outbreak, but in some places like Australia and parts of Asia, this is becoming a big problem?

Dr Makary: Australia has 4% of their population vaccinated and many of these island countries thought they had defeated it when they really just closed down their island borders. The reality is they have a lot of people susceptible and now they can’t contain it. So they’re going backwards right now until they get more people vaccinated. [Many scientists disagree with this, as evidence suggests that the Pacific Rim, regardless of lockdown capacity, have pre-existing immunity at much higher rates than other parts of the world, with much lower case fatality rates than Europe / America].

Re guidance on traveling: The transportation industry needs to do what the entire private sector has done and move from universal masking to selective masking. If you feel you’re exposed, at risk, if you’re more comfortable, or you have any symptoms, then you wear a mask. By having these mandates on for too long it’s going to threaten the credibility of public health guidance when we need people to wear masks if they have symptoms in the Fall. … We’re at a very low level of case count right now. Eight of every ten adults on every bus, every plane, every gathering, every stadium or restaurant, has immunity. From either vaccination or natural immunity. So you’re not going to see “superspreading” events. At this point we know kids are very inefficient transmitters and a healthy kid has essentially no risk of dying of Covid. We’ve got high population immunity, at some point we’ve got to move on to preserve the credibility of public health.

Interviewer: It looks like vaccine immunity lasts for a long time?

Dr Makary: The booster conversation has been driven by the Pharma industry. The reality is many of us have suggested that vaccination immunity and probably natural immunity is lifelong. We’ll see. So far we were told that it’s short lived and we will need boosters or natural immunity doesn’t last. So right now the test of time is proving our hypoethesis correct.

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    I have just scanned through some of your posts and put likes on. This does not explain why I like them of course, so I must comment to be of help.

    On this one, if it were for no other reason it would be the last photo which is very funny!

    Still, mainly it is because you expose the truth, so thank you very much. I have been doing my bit too. I have done a Covid 19 summary you might wish to review. There are various sublinks within it. I have covered most aspects although there will be others to add to fill in details.

    And really what I have done only substantially covers the physical health aspects. There are various meanings to Covid 19 which I hope to explain in due course. Here is my link.

    I am going to try and make some other comments on others of your posts. Thank you again for what you are doing in getting the truth out there.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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