Time for a re-think yet?

I keep wondering exactly which event through all of this will see people start to re-think their fear of a single virus and the way this supports corruption and abuse on a global scale? When does what the unconnected, non-profiteering, evidence-based public health practitioners have to say start to seem more relevant than what the profiteers have to say? It’s been an incredibly long and frustrating experience, watching “public health” become a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry, with “fear” the new narrative.

These tests look for one single virus. Hospitalisations and deaths by other causes are a thing of the past, as the sudden cure of heart attacks, strokes, other respiratory viruses etc, has shown in multiple locations. When do we start wondering at the wisdom of this so-called “state of the art” medical technology?

How is any of this “state of the art”? A strand of genetic molecule detected in someone who had a common cold two years ago, via “state of the art testing” is not receiving any type of diagnosis if what they have now is lung cancer, tuberculosis or merely a healthy respiratory tract staving off a virus they happen to have inhaled. As I described in Human Ecosystems Need Exposure yesterday, we unwittingly inhale and exhale many viruses with every breath and their presence does not equate to illness or infectivity. Christian Drosten, known for his coronavirus PCR tests, knew this in 2014 when he had this to say about MERS.

The so-called “care” for third world nations, dying of the horrific impacts of lockdown and mis-labelled as “Covid” whenever a corpse tests positive via this testing scam is, surely, starting to seem a little on-the-nose to people?

About a year ago Bill Gates was very clear that Covid “is Pandemic One” and his partners make no attempt to hide plans to ensure our fearful futures. Next Up: disappearing flu returns as WHO alter the Y-axis on their influenza surveillance graphs from 10,000 cases per bar, to 200 cases per bar. The untrained eye will see a very scarey rise in cases where none necessarily exists. No doubt when it does return, it will be promoted as a scarey variant of its former self. In the way that Swine Flu, which had a lower case fatality rate than seasonal influenza, was. If you are being told to be frightened, then that’s Gates-Health at work, contradicting Public Health 101 as they persistently do. For example, Patrick Vallance, UK Chief Scientific Advisor, said this week that cases of influenza and RSV are expected to surge this winter because people’s immunity to the viruses is likely to have fallen under lockdown. It seems they need another lockdown to save themselves from the harms of lockdown?

I don’t think a single, fundamental, driving fact about this epidemic has been represented correctly.  And it’s obvious to experienced scientists like me.  And when I’ve spoken to lots of my peers they agree.  So it’s not like I’m an unusual person thinking as I do.  What’s unusual is that I have come out and said so.

I can’t explain why the vast majority of people who definitely know better have chosen to remain silent.  What I can tell you is anyone, me included, who said things like I’m saying, which is the problems for example, with the PCR test in the UK, and I would comment about it and write articles about it.  What I did notice is that, immediately you did that.  And the more qualified you are, the worse it was.  You would be attacked.  Basically, they intimidate you.  … And no one gets on any of the main media that doesn’t have a view that accords with what the government is saying … People who were a bit uncertain whether they were going to say anything or not, noticed.  That anyone who said anything got attacked, slandered …  The accusations were endless.  I’m not doing this for money.  I’ve suffered injury to my reputation and my finances for speaking out.  I think a lot of people chose to say nothing out of self-preservation“.

Dr Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Pfizer
Perspectives of the Pandemic, Episode 16,
An Urgent Message to the World

At some point truth and competence starts to win over corruption and incompetence. I keep wondering when. The harms, especially to children and the world’s poor, march on with barely a hiccup in the meantime. [Warning: this short video is not for the faint hearted: Babies make a great testing target.]

Children are at no risk from Covid, and do not transmit the disease. Vietnam, population 90 million, has seen 80 deaths attributed via these tests, to Covid. This is not evidence based public health.
Scientific fraud has thrived in western countries. The experience of poor nations will be true hell unless the general public start to re-think.

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