Connecting Dots with Leaked Docs

The so-called Swine Flu “pandemic” led to millions of vaccine doses wasted after governments paid billions to the pharma industry in response to a fear led campaign which benefited … pharma. Ultimately Swine Flu had a lower fatality rate than seasonal influenza but the frenzy of fear caused enormous disruption to society’s normal functioning, albeit for a much briefer period than this time around.

The following contract between Pfizer and Albania’s government was leaked and has been shared widely across social media. Various commentary which I’ve shared below (in blue) explains the mystery of the inexplicable “public health” response that so many have been questioning and fighting for almost eighteen months now.

Pfizer contract with Government of Albania

Because the cost of developing contracts is very high and time consuming (legal review cycles) Pfizer, like all corporations, develop a standardized agreement template and use these agreements with relatively minor adjustments in different countries.

As ever in global politics, there is a race to be first. First country to lock down, first country to implement masks, first country to get… those… vaccines… It seems to me that Pfizer et al were in a *very* good negotiating position. With the perceived and cleverly communicated scarcity, every country wanted to be the first. And that’s not a bad thing: these things were supposed to save their citizens lives. They were happy to sign, well, almost anything. And it’s clear from the leak they did.

Pfizer has no liability for anything. If the vaccine doesn’t get proper approval, contract still holds. If something bad happens, no liability. BUT if the countries don’t pay in full on the specified date, Pfizer has all options open.

If countries don’t use all doses they bought, they still have to pay for them, even if undelivered. However if doses are delivered late, they have to wait and cannot look elsewhere.

If they expire (like Israel’s vaccines at the end of this month), Pfizer will not extend their shelf life, rendering them obsolete at 10-15 EUR per dose. They’ll just have to buy new ones. Pfizer said to rule against extending expiry date for unused Israeli vaccines.

This adds another dimension to Israel’s recent despotic laws. “Get everyone vaccinated before the vaccines are no good anymore”. Tens of millions of Euros/Dollars etc. thrown away is not a good look for a politician come the end of the year.

Vaccines, once bought, cannot be returned. If they expire, they have to be paid for, anyway. Even undelivered doses have to be paid for. Pfizer decides on what doses to send and when. This explains such things as:

  • The sudden panic to enforce immediate vaccination
  • Interviews with politicians such as the Spanish Health Minister, who has confirmed booster shots will be needed

Clearly governments have paid billions to Pfizer and surrendered all their “consumer rights” to them. Pfizer now tells governments what to do. Rather than learning from mistakes, governments have signed up for more years. No doubt under the same conditions. On black and white, here we have it. Our lives are now governed by Big Pharma. No doubt this has been in the works for a long time and Big Pharma cannot believe how easy it was, finally, to get it all. The biggest business of all time.

Every single citizen of the developed world is now a Big Pharma customer, and also a subscriber for the rest of their lives, basically. This is a problem because greed makes for bad governance. Also, pharma has never been about health, but about emergency treatment.

Having Big Pharma manage public health is like having your electric installations done by the firemen. It’s upside down. Good health is Not Needing pharma. Pharma is the endpoint, the last option. But now health STARTS with pharma. This is less than ideal.

It’s easy to understand now why the words coming out of the mouths of politicians never ring true. Why they don’t even seem to believe it themselves when you watch and listen. Politicians are now just messengers.

Why have early treatments such as Ivermectin been so aggressively suppressed in favour of “everyone needs a vaccine”, at the cost of many lives? The answers all appear to lie in these pharmaceutical-governmental contracts.

Policies are finally being implemented which recognise the grave issues with PCR testing as a diagnostic tool. Ireland’s Covid Response Committee are now recommending the removal of people who test positive but were not hospitalised because of Covid, from their daily counts.

US CDC are removing the PCR test from protocols and moving towards multiplex assays which can differentiate between SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza, from December 2021. Influenza should make a comeback on this decision alone.

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