Protecting the Vulnerable

Dr Bret Weinstein is an Evolutionary Biologist who hosts a podcast called The Dark Horse with his wife, also an Evolutionary Biologist. Dr Pierre Kory is an Intensivist who has cared for many Covid19 patients since the beginning of the pandemic and has appealed strongly for early treatments against Covid19 to those at risk of disease. His (and many other clinicians’) appeals have been vigorously obstructed in favour of promoting global vaccination as the only solution.

The Dark Horse is a fairly heavy-duty podcast of dry-talking medical scientists, but the following two segments are short and interesting. Kory and Weinstein give a seven minute summary of the evidence for Ivermectin treatments preventing Covid19 disease and also a sixteen minute segment discussing the issues of medicine and science today, around censoring of expertise and of scientific hypotheses. Weinstein even addresses YouTube directly before they begin speaking.

Health care leaders from WHO and CDC down to hospital managers, are given godlike status despite often being “nothing but desk jockeys“. They rule with medical authoritarianism over clinicians with knowledge, skill, intuition and experience, who are demoted to technicians forced to deliver a pre-packaged product, rather than understanding their patient and delivering needed treatments. As an Intensive Care clinician with 30 years’ experience Dr Kory is frustrated by this new culture and he wonders why there are no expert clinician committees advising on the pandemic.

Symptomatic Covid19 is a bit more severe than a cold for most people who recover without complication. In a small proportion of individuals, almost exclusively those with risk factors such as old age and chronic conditions, at around Days 5 to 8 of illness, their own immune system mounts a response which attacks their lungs, causing blood clotting and a drop in oxygen levels. Increased absorption of zinc into the cells protects against this process. Drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine help to increase zinc concentration in cells. Dr Kory and many other clinicians have successfully treated patients with multi drug combinations which block or reverse the inflammatory immune response and protect patients from severe illness and death. He and other early treatment proponents have been aggressively opposed by those who remain convinced that vaccination of the entire world is the only solution.

Dr Kory’s appeal to the US Senate in December 2020 is available here.

Dr Robin Armstrong is an Internal Medicine Physician who owns a large hospital based practice, and a nursing home practice, in Texas, USA. He is also a member of Americas Frontline Doctors. At the one year anniversary White Coat Summit of AFLDS, Dr Armstrong presented on Options for the Frail and Healthy Elderly. In April of 2020 at a nursing home where he is the Medical Director, 31 staff and 55 residents were diagnosed with Covid19. His team used Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc to treat their high risk, symptomatic patients, rather than send them to hospital where deaths were occurring at very high rates. Of 39 treated patients all except one survived. This defied the established claims that early treatment did not work. They were attacked mercilessly, including articles in Rolling Stone magazine and the Washington Post, for their efforts! He discusses his theory as to why that might be.

Decisions being made across Europe and America at that time included locking down nursing homes. People were locked in the nursing homes, and locked in their rooms. This had devastating effects.  People in need of social contact died due to isolation.  Many family members had to bury their elderly loved ones without having seen them for a year.  Dr Armstrong believes that resources should have been poured into nursing homes. And that lockdown was a deadly mistake.

Nearly one third of America’s Covid19 deaths have been nursing home residents and 80% of Americans who died from Covid-19 are over 65 years of age. Dr Armstrong argues well that all resources should have been dedicated to nursing home facilities and the frail elderly, whilst allowing everyone else to live normally. Hospitals have made many billions of dollars from the Covid industry, but nursing home facilities have not been properly recompensed and many are now struggling.

Medications that should be given routinely to vulnerable people include Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin treatment regimes are effective and safe, so why are they not being used? Dr Armstrong uses the basic multidrug regimen of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc, for any of his high risk patients diagnosed with Covid19. Effectively and safely.

Prophylaxis and early treatment are the most important components to surviving this disease“.

Protection of the vulnerable, the basic principle behind the Great Barrington Declaration, fits in well with this argument. Why is it so vehemently opposed? The most obvious reason that established public health is under such aggressive attack, seems to be that regulatory agencies tasked with protecting the public are in fact, mere subsidiaries of a profiteering, amoral and out of control pharmaceutical industry. Secure in their belief that the general public will continue to place unquestioning trust in them as some sort of benevolent saviour.

Ivermectin, a few cents per tablet, is under attack. Why would that be? Claims by those leading the fray are recognised by medical prescribers as a lie. Meanwhile governments continue to make these safe and effective early treatments unavailable to prescribers despite evidence that they work. Big Media run hit pieces of ad hominem against doctors who have saved thousands of lives with simple, safe, effective and, most significant to the story – cheap – repurposed medications that have been in use for many decades.
Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance; Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Treatment; Zelenko Protocol described in International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

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