Poverty For Health

Making people poor increases poverty which reduces the range of opportunities required for healthy living.

We have to stop agreeing to increased impoverishment as an excuse to control a virus.

Each and every one of the social determinants of health is being eroded by lockdown interventions.

When we lose our land, business and income our ability to pass inheritance to our children disappears. The once stable futures of middle class children are being eroded as small businesses fold, increasing unemployment, bankruptcy and reliance on either government or big business. Why do all of the big shops remain open whilst small businesses, with little capacity to survive closures, are forced shut? How does Covid differentiate?

Universal Basic Income is being introduced by way of offering people to stay at home in exchange for reliance on government incomes. This makes us beholden to government rules for survival. Vaccine mandates in exchange for the right to move freely tie in to this. Rolling out of cashless economics is another example as what we buy, when and where becomes controllable by authorities. Use cash wherever possible.

In the UK there is now an aggressive push for online health care to replace in-person. In multiple locations online schooling is being aggressively pushed. Patients do not benefit. Students do not benefit. Society does not benefit.

Anyone who has been to a poor nation knows that when the people are poor, their access to infrastructures like decent roads and basic facilities, is absent to substandard. Life becomes about survival.

The risk to children of Covid is negligible, as is the risk to adults in contact with children. Why have schools been closed, going into the third academic year in some places? Sweden, who failed to protect their nursing home residents in the beginning but otherwise followed an evidence based pandemic plan, kept their early childhood education centres and schools up to age 16yo open throughout the pandemic, and had exactly zero child deaths. Decent education is a pillar of a strong and healthy society. School closures make no sense and should be opposed vehemently.

As poverty sets in across the world in the name of lockdown “for safety”, starvation deaths are increasing horrifically in poor nations. None of us are protected from food insecurity as we lose our incomes and our independence.

Violence and trauma are increasing across the world as lockdown forces the creation of artificial and unsafe environments, including massive increases in homelessness across previously safe neighbourhoods. Children forced to stay at home in high stress situations with abusive adults who they were once protected from via school attendance (child) and work attendance (adult). Increased alcohol and drug use, increased suicides, increased anxiety and depression all contribute, whilst services are told to stay at home and only offer contactless / online support.

Health services are now being encouraged and in some places financially incentivised, to offer online consultations over in-person care. With the increase in reliance of doing everything online, who benefits? Who benefits when communities are pitted against one another in the name of controlling a virus? Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr Mark McDonald talks about how to strengthen our social stability in these disturbing times, at this 22 minute White Coat Summit presentation.

This is not a pandemic response supported by any public health sense or evidence. It is a collaboration between Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media. If we don’t oppose it, our futures are not going to fare well.

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