Dark Times

When you are on the side of those who encourage censorship and character assassination of anyone analysing events with complexity and nuance?

That’s not the right side of history.

Without a range of information to explain a complex problem?

That is propaganda.

The latest in an increasingly long line of experts to be shut down and villified is Dr Peter McCullough who dares to explain actual science. Some of what he has to say most recently, taken from this interview, includes:

  • The Covid19 vaccines are failing. Almost all hospitalised patients across locations as far apart as Israel to Iceland, Singapore to UK, are now partially or fully vaccinated.
  • mRNA vaccines were designed as genetic therapies requiring intermittent injections. This is not justified for those who would experience Covid19 as a common cold.
  • Those who should be protected by vaccination (over 65yo) are not being protected. In late August 2021 about 80% of Americans who were fully vaccinated but died of Covid19, were over the age of 65yo.
  • Delta is not a new mutation. It has circulated for many months, but it was one of many other mutations circulating. This is called ecological diversity.
  • Because Delta has different mutations on it’s spike protein, and because the vaccines target the Wuhan strain spike protein, vaccination has allowed Delta to become dominant. The USA had about 2% Delta circulating six months ago but by the end of August this had increased to over 99%, as a direct result of mass vaccination using substances which are not intended to, and do not, stop or slow viral transmission.
  • Delta is highly contagious but it has a much lower case fatality rate than prior mutations.
  • The vaccines are not adjusted to cover the Delta strain, which transmits easily amongst vaccinated populations.
  • Injected vaccines mount a response in the bloodstream whilst respiratory viruses enter the body via the nose-mouth where different immune mechanisms are at play. [This includes mucosal T-Cell immunity, mention of which elicited aggressive opposition over many months last year. Only after enough scientific literature was published demonstrating the role that T Cell immunity plays specific to Covid infections (as it does in all respiratory infections), did attackers pivot away from the subject. This strange experience is now explained by the fact that forces were protecting their plans for an injectable vaccine.]
  • Coronaviruses are a family of common cold viruses and prior attempts to create vaccinations against these viruses have always failed.
  • The mRNA vaccinations have a dangerous mechanism of action. They trick the body into creating the original Wuhan Type spike protein, which is the most dangerous part of the virus.
  • We have placed all our eggs in one basket with a hyper-focus on lockdowns, masks and fear, which appears to have been the psychological preparation for accepting vaccines.
  • The genetic mRNA in the vaccines is wrapped in a lipid nanoparticle which can travel throughout the body. The vaccines were intended to remain in the deltoid area of the body, but they can in fact circulate far wider than anticipated.
  • Dr McCullough explains the four different systems impacted when adverse events, occurring at extremely high rates, occur. These are
    – the immune system (leading to reactivation of latent viruses eg Shingles and Herpes);
    – the haematological system (clotting and bleeding problems occuring at high rates);
    – cardiac system (myocarditis occurs at worrying levels especially in young healthy males);
    – neurological system (a range of neurological symptoms are being seen, some of them permanent).
  • There has been a recent paper published suggesting interactions between the spike protein and two different cancer related genes including BRCA which is associated with breast and other female cancers; and P53 which is a tumour suppressing gene. Whilst other scientists suggest the vaccines are cancer inducing, Dr McCullough suggests that the inflammation caused by vaccination may make existing cancers evident.
  • The experimental vaccines are failing. They do not protect and they cause harm.
  • Early treatments reduce hospitalisation and death. They are effective for both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients and protocols are available for their use. [Why are these treatments so aggressively denigrated via proven false propaganda when there is in fact, mountains of evidence that they work and are safe?]
  • Doctors work in teams. What we are not seeing is teamwork“.

It remains mind boggling to me, that Dr McCullough, presenting evidence based medical science in such an accessible way, rather than being heard, is aggressively silenced. This is not normal. We live in a time where over simplified propaganda, which doesn’t make sense if you analyse it, is how we now all receive our “news”. The aggression started 18 months ago with Professor John Ioannidis in the USA and Professor Sunetra Gupta in the UK. Two of the world’s most eminent infectious disease epidemiologists. Why are they silenced, attacked and denigrated instead of being consulted for their expertise? Since then I’ve watched with increasing horror as many hundreds of experts speaking actual public health, one by one, are viciously discredited.

The 2018 documentary Trust WHO explains the forces behind the World Health Organisation, which in turn helps explain the dark times we are now experiencing.

4 thoughts on “Dark Times

  1. It truly is mind boggling and like a horror film unraveling, but your remote control is lost so you can’t flip to the end to see what happens so you just watch with this unsettled feeling in the pit of your stomach waiting for it to end.

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