Beagle Puppies, Rats and Waifs

In the most recent interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr, he discusses some of the nefarious experiments Dr Anthony Fauci has funded through his multi billion dollar taxpayer funded NIAID research budget. The details are gruesome tales of child abuse, animal torture and human-animal transplantation.

No matter how much money we had to spend on public health, if someone came up to us and asked us to fund these kind of experiments, we would say no“.

Fauci controls colossal purse strings giving him the power to pick and choose which research to fund, and which pharmaceutical companies to channel research and patents through. He also controls the regulatory committees responsible for approving new medicinal products. This frightening level of autocratic corruption now leads our new style “public health”.

Tony Fauci is an integrated part of the pharmaceutical industry. He has nothing to do with public health“.

Kennedy describes the way that vaccine sentiment has developed into a religious style worship, with Fauci destroying the careers and lives of prominent scientists working in his agency who have dared to question vaccine efficacy and safety. “The only way you can last in that agency is if you can demonstrate utter subservience to the pharmaceutical paradigm“. Kennedy also discusses the findings described in the below graphic.

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