Believing Evil

Lockdown has completely replaced Epidemiology.
Dr Tess Lawrie outlines the levels of corruption behind suppression of public health in favour of cartel profits.
The “fringe” epidemiologists referred to are academic leaders in infectious disease epidemiology at Oxford, Stanford and Harvard universities. Concerned citizens can also sign the Great Barrington Declaration.

Character assassination has been standard strategy at National Institutes of Health for decades, documented thoroughly in The Real Anthony Fauci and evidenced by the familiar ease with which Collins orders a “devastating take down”. Public take down is seen daily across the globe now as a normal response against voices trying to speak on often very basic and established public health or democratic values.

Not a single mainstream newspaper has reviewed The Real Anthony Fauci and promotions of the book are blocked on social media sites. It has nevertheless sold over 600,000 copies to date and reached No.1 Bestseller on Amazon. Author Robert F Kennedy Junior spoke on this and other relevant issues with Catherine Austin-Fitts at this Special Solari Report yesterday. “The hostility toward this book in mainstream media is beyond question or dispute … It’s all ad hominem attacks, they call me a conspiracy theorist, a liar, a grifter … To date, nobody has identified a factual error in the book“. ~ Robert F Kennedy Jr

Destroying careers, reputations and livelihoods of innocent people who dare to speak against vulgarian profiteers is almost embedded public policy, accepted culturally, and championed by media and political beneficiaries of the same powerbrokers. It seems somewhat related to the latest practice of removing all dissenters from the workforce, education systems and societal structures. I doubt it is sustainable and I doubt that it will end well for those choosing to believe evil.

[In the book] “I describe a hijack of the public health institutions. The international institutions like WHO and European Medical Agency. Then the creation of these quasi-governmental insitutions by Gates and Fauci and Jeremy Farrar, like CEPI and GAVI and the Brighton Collaboration. All of these institutions that set and create global health policy.

These institutions no longer do public health … They do pharmaceutical promotion. They have become hijacked through this captured medical technocracy led by Tony Fauci and Bill Gates. They have become captured by the pharmaceutical industry and their purpose now is to capture public money flows, foreign aid flows, that used to go to economic development, public health, sanitation, hygiene, agriculture.

They capture all of that and deploy it in a way that forces changed policies to require developing countries to take lots of pharmaceutical drugs. And then to funnel public wealth to the pharmaceutical industry to pay for those expenses.

And what we’ve seen is that drugs do not make people healthy. They make them sicker...

We have this feedback loop where we are creating a chronic disease epidemic … We’ve essentially parlayed fear of infectious disease into a chronic disease epidemic which then creates more wealth for the industry …

~ Robert F Kennedy Junior

One thought on “Believing Evil

  1. First question – please define your idea of “do well”

    Second question – explain the phrase “shoulda locked down harder” What do you mean by “harder?”

    Third question – what do you mean by “organic” lock down?

    Fourth question – how do you personally feel about the current lockdown scenario?

    I don’t expect any answers – I’m just thinking out loud

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