The Hill You Need to Die On

The hill you need to die on is the one you are on right now.

Quotes from the conversation with Robert F Kennedy Junior and Catherine Austin-Fitts, at Special Solari Report on 18 January 2021, which I found especially informative.

Noone ever complied their way out of totalitarianism … the opposite is true.

One of the extraordinary features of the pandemic is what I call information chaos. Which appeared purposeful. We were deluged with all this fear data and none of it made any sense. It was fascinating, it was contradictory...

One of the primary functions of a public health service during a pandemic is to produce really clear data upon which rational policy decisions can be based. And that was never done. It was the opposite, deliberately confused, a chaotic information barrage that noone could make any sense of...

At least 85 of those children died in those experiments. Celia Farber, who’s an extraordinary researcher, who worked with me on that chapter, went up and found the cemetery gates … in Hawthorn, New York. She found a pit that was filled with tiny little coffins. Some of them had multiple children in them. The pit was covered with astroturf, carpet, and she opened the carpet and looked inside and said there may have been 1,000 little coffins in there. We know that 85 of those kids died in Fauci’s experiments, we have no idea what happened to the others …

Every power the government takes, it will never give back. Voluntarily. Without a demand. Without a confrontation. When the government says “we’re going to close you down for three weeks to flatten the curve”, and we say that’s okay, we just gave them power. They will immediately abuse the power and they will never give it back … They still have that power to impose lockdowns now, whenever they want … They will never give that power back until we force them to do it.

Tony Fauci’s career is just a parade of proof … that the abuse becomes worse and worse, more and more inhumane and murderous and genocidal. And racist. Throughout his career it is consistently blacks and Hispanics who are the subjects of his experiments.

Nobody ever complied their way out of totalitarianism. People believe okay, if we just do this “last thing” they are asking us to do, then they’ll go away and we can go back to normal. The opposite is true. It’s a signal to them of what they can get away with and what the next step is. Every time you comply their hubris inflates.

That’s why this, today, the hill that you need to die on, is the one you are on right now. Because they’re just going to keep pushing you back to weaker and weaker positions.

If you look at where people don’t comply … it’s working. We just need more and more people doing it.

The coalition that we end up looking at, which are these groups of actors who are centralising power, are … you have to look at cui bono, who’s benefiting? The Silicon Valley billionaire. We’ve seen this huge shift in wealth. 3.8 Trillion dollars from the global middle class and working class, to this new class of billionaires. Many of them have wealth and power that is rooted in new technologies and Silicon Valley. Many of those have deep ties to the Intelligence community …

The very people who are censoring dissent and criticism of the lockdown policies, are the same people who are making billions on those policies. Bill Gates, Jeffrey Bezos, Mark Zuckberberg, Sergei Brin, Larry Ellison … Profiting from closing all those small businesses.

We should be suspicious. These titans who promised us they were going to democratise communciations globally and now they’ve now become the primary interests for the emerging totalitarian state. They’re actively censoring any discussion in the public square, which they control.

I stumbled on this truth by beginning with a focus on Event 201. Event 201 is this pandemic simulation that took place in October 2019 in New York. [It was] hosted by Bill Gates and two other interesting people. Averil Haines who is the former Deputy Director of the CIA, she is now the top spy in USA, and Joe Biden’s Chief Advisor on Coronavirus … She made her bones by destroying evidence in the Abu Grahib torture tapes … She made that decision as Chief Counsel, so that was an assault on democracy. She was rewarded with that by becoming the highest spy in the country.

The big question is: why is the CIA involved with a public health crisis? The CIA doesn’t do public health. The CIA does coup de’tats. Between 1947 and 1997 the CIA was involved in 73 coup de’tats against one third of the governments in the world, almost all of them democracies. So the CIA is not a friend of democracy. So why are they involved with this?

The other person who is involved in this, which is strange, is George Gao. The head of the Chinese CDC. So … This is October 2019. The National Security Agency believes that Coronavirus began circulating by at least September 12, 2019. The world didn’t know about it until the end of December. But the Chinese government apparently did.

The reason we know that is because satellite surveillance shows the parking spots in the hospital in Wuhan were filled up jam-tight beginning on September 12. Technicians in the lab ended up in hospital a couple of weeks later with symptoms that are Coronavirus symptoms. That night there was chatter all over the internet beginning that day of people trying to look for masks, people trying to figure out how to treat symptoms that we now know are Covid symptoms. In Wuhan.

That night the Chinese military broke into the Wuhan laboratory, removed 22,000 Coronavirus samples which have never been seen again, and removed the Gain Of Function studies including the ones funded by the NIH from the public-facing websites. And they installed a military commander in the lab. So the supposition is that the Chinese government knew by Sep 12 that they had a probelm and there’d been a jail break essentially of one of these creatures they’d been creating there, one of these pandemic “superbugs”.

So this is a month later in New York and you have George Gao who is co-hosting this event with Bill Gates and the head of the CIA. What are they doing there?

This is supposed to be a pandemic simulation. The most notable occurrence is that nobody is talking about public health. They’re all talking about how to use a pandemic as a pretence to impose totalitarian controls, censorship, lockdowns, masks… [Nothing about public health such as separation of sick and vulnerable; assessing and distributing preventions and treatments; communications between those working with the sick; reducing risk factors; maintaining human rights] … It’s all about censoring dissent, lockdown and imposing a police state, with social media, mainstream media, pharmaceutical industry, military representatives all working together on this.

In the fourth simulation, George Gao talks about how to shut up anyone who starts to speak about this Coronavirus having been generated in a laboratory. So in this simulation of a Coronavirus spreading across the world, we now know the Chinese conspired directly with Tony Fauci, Bill Gates and Jeremy Farrar, to make sure that nobody talked about it.

I then found at least a dozen of these events, staged by the CIA since the year 2000. The first one was called Dark Winter, which was a simulation of an Anthrax attack on our country, and a few months after that we had the Anthrax attacks. Which were blamed on Saddam Hussein and used as a pretext to launch the Iraq War and pass the Patriot Act which gave the intelligence agencies broad new powers. Who was targeted by the Anthrax? Gary Hart and Richard Leahy. These two senators were leading the battle to stop the Patriot Act.

The FBI’s investigation said the Anthrax could only have come from one of three US labs run by the intelligence agencies and the US military.

So we found that these simulations continued year after year after year. Every one of them has one thing in common. They are all scripted by the CIA. There are high level CIA officials at every one of them. And most of them have what I would call a “useful idiot”, a very prominent person who gives the imprimatur of legitemacy. So they bring in Madeline Allbright or Gary Hart or Bill Gates, so that everybody says “Oh yeah, this isn’t just a rogue group, these are legitemate mainstream people”. And it involved hundreds of thousands of people. They were doing these insidiously across Europe, US and Canada simultaneously. They were bringing in the police forces, the frontline workers, the hospital systems, the public utilities.

They were all classified secret. The public didn’t know these were happening but hundreds of thousands of people in your community were involved. They were saying “here’s what you do in a pandemic. Forget about public health. The appropriate response is to impose totalitarian control”. And because they were doing this year after year, all of these normal people were inducted into this groupthink, where a lot of them probably thought ‘this is a really weird response to a pandemic, but I’m looking around and all the people I know are doing it, so … and it seems legitemate, so I guess this is what we do?”.

So when the pandemic happened and we were sitting around thinking, how in the heck did all the liberal democracies in the world, suddenly pivot in lockstep and do the exact same thing? Why weren’t any of them doing any different? Why weren’t any of them experimenting with different systems? Why were there no laboratories for different ways of doing it? Why did they all sign on to this totalitarian response? I think the clear answer is, they had been drilling this. They had been using these psychological war techniques.

[Catherine Austin-Fitts adds her experience of the past 20 years in the financial sector, where the ethical people were pushed out and those committing fraud were promoted. It took 2 or 3 decades, but by 2020 enough corruption was in place].

When I asked Robert Malone to fact check my book, he said there’s been a systematic effort to weed out people who had essentially, moral character. Those who would say “wait a minute, you can’t do that, I’m not going along with it”. Those people were all systematically removed. The written policy is irrelevant, it’s the people administering it that are everything. It becomes self perpetuating as the guy in charge of a department who is corrupt, trains everyone else in that culture of corruption...

I’m not sure democracy can always work. Our institutions are old and sturdy and have been solid. But my father was constantly cautioning and my uncle President Kennedy warned us that democracy was a very fragile system that had to be constantly renewed and every generation should be vigilant to make sure we support the institutions, make them work, and subject them to scrutiny.

I know there are other systems that have worked during parts of history. But what Franklin said was that democracy was the worst possible system, but the best one we’ve got. It’s the best one if you value personal freedom, personal creativity and individual rights. I have some faith in democracy because we have lost it before, in this country. And we had unprecedented wealth come along. Johnny Rockefeller is still the wealthiest person in history. The robber barons could buy the state legistlature. At that time someone said [about] the Pennsylvania legislature, none of them were for sale because Johnny Rockefeller owned them all and he wasn’t selling them.

[He then expands on US geopolitical history and the way in which democracy was eventually restored].

The big question now, is: can we restore [democracy] now, given the additional obstacle of these technological instrumentalities that have become weapons of totalitarian control. So what we’re seeing now is the imposition of what I call turnkey totalitarianism. Where they’re installing all of these capacities that give them powers that no totalitarian system in history has ever had.

[Catherine Austin-Fitts: “They’re turning our homes and communities into digital concentration camps”].

Exactly … It’s 415,000 low orbit satellites that look at every square inch of the earth every bit of the day, with heat profiles and all this. You know, Anne Frank can no longer hide in the attack. They’re going to know where she is. They have facial recognition systems that can read emotions. The Chinese have deployed a system that can read guilt on people’s faces, it’s a pre-crime system.

You have probably the most insidious in the vaccine passport. What that does automatically is it takes all of these rights that we have. We do. As imperfect as our system is, you have the right to go to a bowling alley tonight, or a bar, or get on a plane and fly to Las Vegas, or drive to San Francisco. But once you get that passport, all of those rights now become privileges that are contingent on your compliance, your obedience, with government diktats.

And those diktats can be completely arbitrary as they have been all year. There’s no public hearing. There’s no show of evidence. There’s no scientific demonstrations. It’s just one guy, an unelected official, who’s been there 50 years, who says “put on a mask. And I’m not going to show you why. I’m not going to show you any science. I don’t have to. Because I am the science”.

That is very very troublesome. We are kind of in an arms race, where you’re seeing resistance on our side building. You’re seeing literally millions of people coming out into the street. But you’re also seeing these instrumentalities of control in this escalating arms race that ultimately, if they get them all in place, even 100% resistance will become irrelevant. Because, you and I see the pictures of the civil war that’s going on now in Queensland, Australia. Half a million people gathering in downtown Vienna. The marches that go on for miles, the drone flightes over the marches in Paris and everywhere else.

Most of my friends in liberal Hollywood have no idea any of that is happening. None. Because the media is blocking it. It’s like Emmersen said, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it actually fall? If the riots happen and nobody knows about it, then it didn’t happen. Everybody is happy and we’re all living in 1984, but it’s … now!

I’ve spoken to Mattias Desmet, the Professor from Ghent, who’s gotten a lot of attention recently. He talks about mass formation. And about the hypnotic effect of fear and isolation. And when you get populations that are fearful, where fear can be manipulated … when there’s a high level of isolation … and there’s other ways of isolating them, like wear a mask, don’t come out of your house, don’t go to school … those people go into a state of hypnosis that becomes impenetrable. They are no longer susceptible to events, to reason and they only have one prerogative which is compliance and adherence to a dominant narrative that appears to promise to solve their problems and give them coherence.

[Catherine Austin-Fitts argues that it is much more complex than Desmet’s theories as we are subject to amazing day to day controls coming from a covert social credit system which is very invasive, and coming to fruition in a very powerful way].

Most of us are ignoring what’s happening now, which is the social credit system, the manipulation of that system by the big financial houses that ultimately are probably the bedrock reason that all this is happening.

There is a huge conversion taking place right now, where people are waking up out of this [formation]. They are understanding the narrative and it’s a cascading effect and more and more people everyday who are joining the resistance. We are involved in asymmetrical warfare. We are fighting a force that controls all the major institutions of our society. The military, intelligence agencies, media companies, social media companies, congress, regulatory agencies, all the way down to the doctors and the hospitals, etc. They are all mobilised to impose this narrative on us and to impose totalitarian control.

The optimistic part of that is, what happens to totalitarian regimes? Historically, they have all ultimately collapsed. How does that happen? Large numbers of people begin escaping the narrative. We are seeing that cascading effect now. One of the sources of optimism is that the conversions are 100% in favour of the resistance. Nobody from our side goes back into the matrix. It’s really a race about how to get to the tipping point where so many people are resisting that the institutions begin to crumble.

It’s an asymmetrical war, so our advantage is agility. Looking for opportunistic targets. Finding cracks in the foundation and exploting them. Then converting people. One person at a time. That is really how it’s going to work. You need to go out and do three civil disobediences a day. Talk to other people who you wouldn’t talk to and expose them to these ideas. You don’t have to do it in an aggressive way. Do it peacefully.

Goebbels said that the optimal form of propaganda is the big lie. Because if most people swallow the big lie, they are very reluctant to relinquish it. Mark Twain said it’s much easier to fool somebody, than to persuade them that they’ve been fooled. So once they swallow the big lie, they do not want to relinquish it. They do not want to admit they were wrong. And that is the major force of inertia in the system. This unwillingness of all these people who made a hero of Anthony Fauci, to suddenly say that everything he said is a lie. People don’t want to do that.

The problem for Goebbels was, how do you get people to believe the big lie? He said you tell it to them five times. The first four times they won’t believe it. The fifth time, they believe it. So everytime you talk to somebody, you tell them the counter-narrative. We have a template of informational stickers at Childrens Health Defense that tell people the counter-narrative and give them the reasons that sow doubt in their minds. You can print this out and when you leave your house in the morning, bring one of those with 10 stickers on it and put them up in different places where people will see it.

All those people who hear Cooper Anderson lie to them five times, or Jake Tapper, we need them to hear our side five times. And we need to be constantly recruiting from the other side and bringing them over. One person at a time. We are now at 35% on our side. When we get to 51% the tipping point will be here.

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