While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted. In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument“.

Lockdowns Did Not Save Lives, Concludes Meta-analysis

Professor Scott Atlas, public health policy expert who works closely with Panda and other public health agencies, speaking on the impacts of lockdown at Hillsdale College. After committing the crime of disagreeing with Anthony Fauci during time as Covid policy advisor at the White House, he faced extreme public villification.

There’s been a gross politicisation of science. The scientific journals, including the best journals in the world … have been publishing diatribes against people who just simply disagreed with the interpretation of the data that they didn’t want to hear. Instead of criticising the data, they’ve been character smears …” He goes on to introduce the newly formed Academy for Science and Freedom at Hillsdale, which plans to restore open debate in academia and public health.

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