Breathing Down Their Neck

The Corona Ausschuss in Europe begin their criminal trials next week. They continue to provide public testimony from expert witnesses every Friday. On 21 January, Session 88, some of the testimony included:

Written policy from a forensic mental hospital in Bavaria, Germany, where “unvaccinated” psychiatric patients may not participate in cross-ward therapies. All unvaccinated patients are made public and a written policy states “consequences in accidental application of force are not to be feared”, meaning using physical force upon “the unvaccinated” will be tolerated without consequence. (Has Europe been through this before?). They name the doctor responsible for this policy with plans to include him as a defendant in upcoming trials.

German Pathologist Dr Arne Burkhardt (at 11 min), reports on tissue samples of “vaccinated” individuals who died “at home, in the car or on the street”. This is an important differentiation from those in hospital whose treatment can obscure causality of death. He describes observed physiological changes including myocarditis, small and large vessel damage around heart and lung, changes in the spleen, lymphocytosis outside lymphatic organs which may be an auto-immune reaction, embolisms and foreign bodies.

This is a very medical presentation, made somewhat easier to follow by the use of coloured electron micrograph photographs to assist explanations (via a translator, German to English). An informative discussion ensued between Dr Burkhardt and Dr Wodarg (pulmonologist/epidemiologist). “We see these granular structures that cause an inflammatory reaction. This material was submitted to several pathologists and nobody could tell us what this is. So far, they all said ‘we have never seen this before‘”.

In December 2021 Dr Burkhardt called for a halt to the administration of Covid-19 vaccines due to clear scientific evidence of ineffectiveness and associated harms.

[Doctor Matt Shelton of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science spoke to lawyer Sue Grey outside the Beehive in Wellington, NZ, yesterday. New Zealand based scientists analysing the Pfizer vials have contacted NZDSOS to report on concerns from their analysis. NZDSOS want “to try and get it in front of regulators and people in government … It seems to be confirmation of an issue for the New Zealand product“].

Radiologist Dr Gert Reuter follows (1h12m), with discussion of his criticisms of the medical fraternity who have been taken over by pharma profits in place of health and healing. “Doctors as a body have moved away from maintaining the health of the population entirely“.

Austrian coroner and psychotherapist, Professor Johann Missliwetz (1h54m), discusses the vaccine mandate about to be imposed there. The government claim Covid-19 is terribly dangerous to everyone and that the vaccine mandate is the only “way out”. Anyone unvaccinated by 15 March faces fines of up to €3,600 up to four times per year with traffic checkpoints planned to police obedience. (Has Europe been through this before?). Twice per week many thousands of people take to the streets to protest, and the media downplay numbers if they report it at all. An interesting discussion with the committee follows about health, health choices, political views etc.

Thomas Röper (3 hours), a Russian author, discusses his team’s analysis of financial data connecting the main pandemic profiteers. He has written about conflicts of interest relating to the historic transfer of wealth that is occurring and discusses his evidence. The “pandemic games” prior to 2009 were Dark Winter in 2001 and Atlantic Storm in 2005. Then there was a 12 year hiatus, and from 2017 there were seven pandemic scenarios within 2 years. He describes his findings relating to these pandemic games, the planning involved in the lead-up to the Coronavirus pandemic and the connections between players, many of whom have pivotal roles in the Covid-19 response. The usual names (individuals, agencies and corporations) are linked to his sources, plus some new previously-unnamed players.

One single monopolistic “philanthropist” is responsible for the sponsorship of over 30,000 health related programs across the globe, which puts this funder at the helm of academic institutions, national health services and various health agencies and NGOs as well as media outlets. Röper describes a massive money laundering operation, with a huge return on investment allowing channelling of public funds into the hands of this “philanthropist”. A criminal financial mafia structure is establishing centralised global power via “private-public partnership”. Public funds are channelled to corporations, and he describes how this is all connected to the “vaccine passport” which will establish control over populations. They also discuss the publicly stated eugenecist goals of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.

Oliver Gaebe (4h9m) is a German journalist who speaks about his experiences in Africa’s smallest country, the Gambia, where he has lived since June 2021. The country relies on tourism for income, which he describes as being of huge potential in a very safe and friendly environment. Their agriculture systems are weak, relying mainly on imports. Gambian media talk about Covid and wear masks on television but the general population appear disinterested in this narrative. When new arrivals arrive from Europe, they are masked and by the following day, they no longer mask-up at all. Hotel staff have reported coming under vaccine mandates. The national Covid-19 vaccine uptake is very low, as are Covid cases and deaths. Gaebe works at promoting tourism for the country, who have suffered an 80%+ decrease in foreign visits since the pandemic began, leading to severe economic suffering.

Member of the European Parliament, Francesca Donato then joined from Italy. She describes the current situation as “progressive attacks to fundamental human rights of Italian citizens“. The latest government decree is a Vaccine Passport for the elderly to be able to draw their pension.

Measures are becoming increasingly harsh with segregations and restrictions which have no scientific basis. The majority of hospitalised people now, are double vaccinated and some are boostered. The media wrongly inform people, using government directives that “people who didn’t receive a booster in time are scheduled as unvaccinated“. A hate campaign is active against those not complying with vaccine demands. Certificates are required to access all premises, including shops, services, public transport. Those who purchase goods not meeting the criteria as “necessities”, can be searched by police and fined if found without a vaccine passport. “We are living a sort of nightmare. The current opinion is that Mussolini was more democratic than Mario Draghi“.

Donato says that she interviews many people with serious effects following vaccination. This includes central nervous system disorders, circulatory and heart conditions and other “very very serious effects … They are totally abandoned by doctors and hospitals, who treat them as though they are <anti-vax> because they complain about the effects of vaccines“. Many people are desperate as they are obliged to take further doses despite having lost family members to severe adverse reactions, or suffering adverse events themselves. Physicians refuse to sign exemptions. “Only vaccinators can release exemptions and they have the order of releasing none“.

She speaks to the media about what she knows, and has spoken in the European Parliament with other MEPs but the European Union remains silent and supportive of Mario Draghi’s government despite the human rights violations. Many people are leaving Italy in search of somewhere to live in peace. Protests are ignored by the government and the media accuse protestors as terrorists, crazy people and irresponsible. Many leftist movements and politicians are involved, despite the accusations of protests being led by right wing “Nazis”. Draghi appears completely untouched by any opposition, which is in keeping with leaders across the globe now, who are buoyed by the global agenda.

The majority of Italians are terrified thanks to media reports about Omicron, so people are wearing double masks and other behaviours which Donato describes as “psychopathological”. “It’s really difficult to have a dialogue with these people because they are so in the loop of fear“. People are rushing to vaccinate their children and Donato is extremely worried about this.

Donato talks about her involvement in searching for solutions to the Euro zone financial situation in which a very large imbalance exists between nations. She has left the political party she was with “because my conscience doesn’t allow me to support a Fascist government“.

3 thoughts on “Breathing Down Their Neck

  1. Hi Helen, great series of articles on current events. My device no longer allows me to access WordPress but I can still read articles. At the library where I can access my WordPress site, however, half your articles are blocked by the library as contravening their policies. Fascist dictatorship marches on!

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    1. Full control of the information system, Con. It doesn’t bode well at all when our freedom to speak is already taken from us. It appears that most have not read or understood history.

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