They Say Conspiracy Theory

And that’s all that they do
But it isn’t just a theory
If it keeps coming true! ~ RC The Rapper: Just Say No

Corporal Daniel Bulford of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and now of, spoke to the Canadian Covid Care Alliance about human rights which “are not to be limited or abridged. Even in a national emergency“. Why have allegedly democratic governments and their paid media pundits all spent the past two years dismantling the rights of citizens and silencing anyone opposing their actions? “We are not immune to the stains of history and I fear we may be repeating past mistakes … If others have not sought out both sides of the argument it’s no wonder that they believe and think as they do … Even people close to you will talk trash when you’re breaking generational curses. This ain’t for the weak“.

Anyone still believing the global pandemic response is “protective”, with nothing strange going on, only needs to watch the first seven minutes of yesterday’s Corona Investigative Committee, Session 90: The Virus of Power. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Professor Christian Perronne, infectious disease specialist and vaccination expert, spoke to Session 90 above, from around 5h21m. At around 5h40 he states:

Kary Mullis, he won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of PCR … always said you should never use PCR for massive detection in asymptomatic people. It’s completely non-scientific.

Twenty years ago I was advising Director of the Reference Laboratory of Pasteur Institut in Paris for Tuberculosis. It was a time when all the scientists wanted to develop PCR and some scientists wanted to do PCR for massive detection in the hospital … But other scientists at that time said no. It’s not scientific. If you do that, everyday in a huge hospital you’ll diagnose hundreds of false Tuberculosis cases …

So it’s a strong mistake in science. But they decided that everywhere in the world and they can create false waves … They were completely amplified by this PCR test, and also people dying in the hospitals from another cause … Totally against science. I said that many times in the French media, but of course all of the scientists under the control of Big Pharma, said that I was a charlatan …

… I was completely fired from the mainstream media in France because my voice was too dangerous for the government. But just before Christmas I was invited on a major mainstream channel. I was on live. And I showed the data about England where vaccinated people, when they met the virus, they had four times more chance to die than unvaccinated people. And a few days later there was the same data from Portugal.

Two weeks later, I was invited by the Council of Physicians. They told me, please maybe you are right, but we ask you to shut up. Otherwise we will withdraw your licence. They said we don’t talk about science, but we are here to obey the government. And I told them if the government gives you recommendations against your consicience, you should reject these recommendations. You know, Einstein and General de Gaulle said the same thing. So I don’t care about them. I see that they try to shut our mouth. But I resist“.

The United Kingdom government data on their own vaccination program is reviewed here. Does this explain why they have now dropped all Covid restrictions?

The only way to stop this medical tyranny is to stand up and speak up. Just tell them, no”.

“A couple of dozen conspiracy theorists” and “right wing extremist anti vaxxas” march against tyranny in the streets of Christchurch, New Zealand.
Cropp Photography.

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