Children and Covid

Those of us who speak out are not all politically the same. But we have the same ethic … get the government out of people’s medical care. Governments don’t need to dictate what treatment you do or don’t get. Let doctors be doctors. And prescribe medicines that are safe and effective. Don’t punish them for being good doctors. And protect the children. Don’t ever experiment on the children“. ~ Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole speaking with Jan Jekielek on 1 February 2022

Dr Paul Alexander, Epidemiologist and Evidence Based Medicine specialist, spoke with Dr Patrick Gentempo in Covid Revealed, Episode 6. His interview begins at 1h 36m. The previous two interviews, with Dr Brian Hooker and journalist Del Bigtree, are also excellent.

Dr Alexander reflects on his experiences working with the White House Covid Task Force in 2020, and various analyses of evidence relating to Covid-19. These findings include discussion on the indescribable harms of lockdown, an unscientific and lethal imposition on societies across the globe; the risk stratification of Covid-19 which justified a targeted protection strategy; the benefits of early treatments; superiority of natural immunity; the risks of the mRNA experimental vaccines; and the impact of Covid on children. His information relating to children is summarised below.

Lockdowns placed vulnerable children at extreme risk of unreported neglect and abuse. Schools have a protective effect on vulnerable children, offering a safe haven and contact with people trained to recognise and resourced to address issues of concern. Families forced into enclosed spaces for months on end experienced high rates of domestic violence. Emergency Departments saw enormous rises in the rates of serious violence and sexual abuse against children.

Dr Marty Makary’s study of the 350 American children who died with Covid-19 found every one of them had other conditions which contributed to their deaths. Not one healthy American child died from Covid.

Children do not transmit Covid-19 and they don’t get severely ill from Covid. Global data, country by country, is stable on this evidence. In Sweden, with no lockdowns, no masks and no school closures, not one of their 2 million children died from Covid.

A child in the French Alps who was symptomatic with Covid, interacted with 120+ teachers and students across three different schools. There was not one instance of transmission from this child to another person. Multiple other studies show that children do not transmit Covid, and there is evidence that in fact they offer protection to those they have close contact with.

Based on biological and molecular evidence, we should consider children to be already vaccinated against Covid-19. Research published by Patel et al in JAMA looked at the ACE2 receptors in nasal passages of children. The virus binds to this receptor to enter the cells, which is the process that causes illness. Children express minimal amounts of ACE2 receptors in their upper airways, whereas older people have heavy expression of these receptors. This provides a molecular explanation as to why children are at such low risk of disease.

Mucosal immunity in children, the first line of defence in any respiratory infection, is already sensitised to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Dr Alexander concludes that “children can react very nimbly to the virus”.

Added to this is a study in which blood collected from children prior to 2020, showed B-Cell immunity reactive to SARS-CoV-2. This shows that children have cross-reactive protection from prior exposure to common colds.

Dr Alexander then refers to another study by Weisberg and Faber showing that children’s naiive T-cell immunity provides a rapid and sophisticated reaction when exposed to new viruses.

Dr Alexander combined these four pieces of biological and molecular research with the epidemiological findings, forming the hypothesis that “children are already vaccinated”.

Children are therefore not candidates for Covid-19 vaccines. The vaccines come with risks that outweigh any benefit.

If children have this natural protection in their nose, this lack of ACE2, why would you introduce vaccines into the arm? … The virus lands in your nose and mouth and hangs on there for a few days, and the children’s innate immune system vanquishes it. Then why would you introduce a shot into the arm, where we have evidence now … that shows the content of the vaccine is entering the bloodstream, and damaging the endothelial layer of the vasculature.

So we might see deaths occurring in children, that they’ve been spared … the thousands of deaths in adults, that we have seen to date, may now emerge in children. Not may. Will …

If the ACE2 receptor is being used by this virus to infect you. And the ACE2 receptor in an adult is dispersed throughout your body, it plays a very important role in blood pressure control … If children don’t have it in their nostrils, but they have it throughout the rest of their body, but the virus is not getting there because it can’t get past the level of their nostril … that has spared children.

Why then, would you go and introduce the vaccine into the arm, that will get into the bloodstream and could now attack the ACE2, dock with the ACE2 and interface with the ACE2? Why? When children bring no risk to the table? …

Zero evidence as to why low risk children should get these vaccines. I think it’s absolutely reckless … absolutely dangerous … borders on reprehensible … worse than child abuse. Children should not be vaccinated …”.

The safety testing of these vaccines was not done. There is no case for the vaccine, and there is a case against these vaccines for children.

This Sydney funeral director describes her experiences: “If people only realised … the amount of babies. The babies that we’re doing. Young men. All heart attacks, strokes, blood clots. And the odd thing we’re finding is the paperwork is “inconclusive and unknown”. That’s what they’re dying of … Everyone just needs to know. Don’t do the kids. Don’t do the kids … We’re seeing the other side of this, and this is just devastation.

NZDSOS: Reasons for Not Injecting Children

2 thoughts on “Children and Covid

  1. “…Don’t punish them for being good doctors.”
    Here in the US of A, hospitals (not just doctors) are “praised” (and paid very well for (uhhh) being “bad” – you know, the more covid cases and treatments the more money.

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    1. I suspect that is the case in many nations now. I heard a local health service receives $350 for every person they assist with putting the Covid Pass app on their phone. Building our own prison. Exactly how totalitarian states are built, by the people themselves!


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