This Caravan of Love

Anti-vaccine was a phrase unheard of when I first started covering vaccine safety issues, when I was assigned to do that for CBS many years ago. That suddenly emerged on the landscape, that anybody who asks a logical, rational question about the safety of a medicine for an individual was suddenly portrayed as anti-vaccine. That’s been a very effective propaganda tool that has marginalised people that certainly aren’t anti-vaccine, but kept them from wanting to even ask or dig into questions that people were starting to ask in the early 2000s. So there’s a whole cast of propaganda phrases that I’ve outlined. I think those are cues, when you hear them, you should think “I need to find out more about it”. ~ Sharyl Attkisson

In her interview with Jan Jekielek, Attkisson provides an articulate assessment of the way that opinions are manipulated by those who now own our information sources. They have a lock on information by controlling the narrow sources which most now use as their reference points – Google, mainstream and social media. She discusses the tough circumstances this creates for journalists whose choices today are very limited.

She also discusses other propaganda phrases such as the origins, history and psychological intent of the term “conspiracy theory”. She suggests that those designing the narrative via use of such phrases may have overplayed their hand by alerting us to their strategy for dominating popular thought.

One of the aims is to make anyone questioning the “single source of truth” feel like an outlier. The words of leaders in the media support this idea, with Justin Trudeau recently claiming that the millions showing up across Canada for the Freedom Convoy were a “small fringe minority” and claiming criminal activity which those on the ground, with video evidence, have explicitly and repeatedly denied. Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, has accused those opposing vaccine mandates of being criminals. Mainstream media have furnished us with articles predicting an “anti vaxxer” terror attack. This frames all opposition as criminal and threatening, when anyone listening to those speaking out can see the absurdity of such claims.

New Zealand’s freedom convoy began on Waitangi Day, Sunday 6 February and freedom has been rolling along highways throughout the nation ever since, converging in Wellington on Tuesday (or in Picton for those unable to cross the Cook Strait).

Video courtesy of Counterspin Media

On Monday 7 February, a very small town in New Zealand hosted at least 700 vehicles traveling towards Wellington as part of this convoy. Hundreds of locals converged to cater for, welcome through and cheer on this section of the Caravan of Love.

Within a few short hours, connections were made amongst thousands of people including the partner of a young man confirmed to have died due to the Pfizer injection; journalists traveling on behalf of FreeNZ media who reported being repeatedly obstructed by Big Tech and therefore in the process of building a secure platform from which they will broadcast without censorship; independent film makers planning a national production of Unity for Our Community; and many others with a shared vision for liberty and democracy.

I do think, because the truth finds a way to be told, and because we inherently seek the truth, that something will come of this. And the propagandists may have overplayed their hand. By being so heavy handed and obvious about the control of information and the censorship. It’s no longer deniable. Even people who want their information curated. They can’t always be happy with the notion that they’re not going to be able to get the full story. Or that they’re only getting one side of something…” ~ Sharyl Attkisson

News? Or propaganda with a motive?

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