Fierce Love in New Zealand

Liz Gunn calls for fierce love in New Zealand. Her journalism seems a stark contrast to state controlled propaganda.

Liz Gunn interview on Counterspin Media

She also spoke to this medical scientist, now unemployed, and gave a voice to protestors in Wellington, at FreeNZ.

The Hatchard Report, written by Physicist/Psychologist and Data Analyst Dr Guy Hatchard, provides detailed and informative examination of the state of the “pandemic” from a New Zealand perspective. An excerpt from yesterday’s article: How Medical Ethics Came To Be Ignored.

Many question the line that ‘closed borders’ is the reason for New Zealand’s pandemic pattern. Population immunity, either from prior exposures or innate factors such as Vitamin D levels; or protective environmental factors such as climate, may explain patterns. Similar patterns were seen across the Pacific Rim region despite border controls (and until vaccinations were introduced). If vaccination was contra-indicated, why would it adversely impact infection and disease rates? Three possibilities include T-cell suppression leading to reactivated latent virus; Marek’s Phenomenon; Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

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