Sold Down the River

Protestors at the Beehive in Wellington last night, filmed below. According to state propaganda they are violent. Independent journalists at the scene say otherwise.

Chantelle Baker filmed footage of police aggression yesterday morning. She also addressed them directly, telling them that she knows what they know. That the mandates are nonsense. That a digital identity social credit system is being rolled out under the guise of a public health intervention. The officers facing her gave zero response.

Liz Gunn also addressed police officers at the Beehive yesterday morning. “You police are as vulnerable as we are. You are going to be up for the boosters. You are mandated. Your health will go down. 40,000 and more injured Kiwis and she never mentions it. She never talks about all our jab injured. She tells us it’s safe and effective and it is not. So police. Stop supporting this tyranny. You are selling New Zealand out. Stop it.

In her interview with Counterspin Media just after the event, Gunn elaborated: “I told them to look up Israel. By the fourth booster everybody’s having an immune system blowout. I just told them the facts … If you go on having these boosters … You were told two and then normal. You know it’s a lie … You’re being lied to. You’ll be sold out as well. Stand with the people … Your immune system will blow out if you keep having these boosters. This Prime Minister does not care. She sold New Zealand out long ago. And you must stand with the people. If you, the police and the military stand with us, the people, they have no power. No tyrants can pull it off without the people who shore them up. The corrupt officials who go with them … I know there are good Kiwi policemen and women who will go home tonight and they won’t sleep. And it will haunt them what they’ve done today … Your grandfathers fought for freedom and you doing this to the New Zealand people is betraying your own tupuna, your own ancestors. I spoke like that … Honestly, by the end, they were looking at me. Three of them. They were looking at me …

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