Why Not On The Six O’Clock News?

It’s not a conspiracy theory“, Premier Jason Kenney of Alberta, Canada.

WEF and their ‘Young Global Leaders’ program, who’s on the list?

A list of Klaus Schwab’s WEF “Young Global Leaders”. The WEF and the Pandemic.

Dutch MP Gideon van Meijeren addresses the issue of The Great Reset.

Members of the European Parliament continue to put up an informed fight against the corruption affecting not just Europe, but the globe.

Dr Theresa Long, US Army Aerospace Medicine Specialist, at the Second Opinion senate hearing with Senator Ron Johnson, on January 24, 2022.

Doctors across the country should have been humbled by the lessons of Thalidomide and DES. DES was a synthetic oestrogen given to women without problem. They had children. But the daughters of mothers who took DES got to be about 18-20 years old when they developed rare genital cancers and infertility at an alarming rate. It took 40 years for the medical establishment to figure out that DES caused transgenerational infertility and cancers. And this drug went through standard clinical trials

There’s a concept of the tenth man, or loyal dissenter. That’s the tenth man that you select to be the dissenting opinion to prevent groupthink. Patients are entitled to a second opinion on their medical care.

What happens when bureaucrats mandate that there is no second opinion? …

My recommendations are Dr Fauci and the members of the FDA and NIH are unfit to fly this plane. They need to be grounded … Medicine is not perfect. Doctors are not perfect. This vaccine is not perfect. Yet we are mandating every single American get on board a single aircraft piloted by bureaucrats and administrators who are unfit to fly the aircraft.

They need to be grounded. These are not leaders. These are administrators faithfully implementing policies. There is one narrative. That the vaccines are safe and effective. But neither are true“.

And finally, what the ultimate goal of all this chaos seems to be. They are not even trying to hide it, yet so many continue to deny that it is happening. Because it’s not on the six o’clock news.

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