Outlaws Speaking Out

We are told that speaking out against a single truth is bad.
The bravest speak out anyway.

Shane Chafin from Revolution Media in NZ addressed the issue of mainstream media lies at this video overnight. Mainstream journalists were told to leave Aucklands Domain by occupying protesters yesterday morning. A very similar occurrence happened across the world in Ottawa, Canada two weeks ago.

The Corona Ausschuss Grand Jury trial continues with long, detailed sessions of people with various expertise and experience sharing documented evidence. It’s long and at times not an easy watch, although much of it is also riveting. The information shared is vital. Day 5 covers historic and current day financial detail contributing to the economic destruction being seen worldwide, with evidence of who is behind it and what their intent is.

Why is this being rolled out now? … It seems to have to do with the financial system being about to collapse after the other side have looted and plundered it for decades, maybe longer … those of us who have never been interested in finance and economics should now take a closer look. After all it’s about pension funds being completely broke and health care systems being so expensive that only rich people can afford them“. (Reiner Fuellmich introducing Day 5 of the Grand Jury).

Edward Dowd, former Equity Portfolio Manager of Blackrock, gave a very telling interview with Del Bigtree at The Highwire. He starts at around 6m30s here. He covers a lot of ground, particularly around corporate fraud, what’s happening with pension funds and national debt across the globe, and the promotion of bio-surveillance and mandates in the name of health protection.

His epidemiological theory on what happened on the island of Maui matches my own about multiple locations in the southern hemisphere! “I’m a man who looks at data and I also look at real world experience. On the island of Maui, noone was getting Covid. Noone was dying. And you know why that happened? Because Covid was here in the Fall of 2019. Everyone got sick. And we kind of got immunity. People didn’t start getting Covid again until … wait for it … 2021“. Data from Life Insurance companies and funeral homes shows that “something is going on, and it’s something we’ve never seen before“. He calls for the immediate halt of Covid vaccine programs.

Dowd is not alone in this call. Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole and Vaccinologist Dr Robert Malone contributed their own rationale for the same call at One Washington’s Second Opinion panel last week. “Sometimes you don’t choose to do things in life. Sometimes life chooses you to do things. And when this all started two years ago, being scientists and being very analytical, we saw things that didn’t make sense … When I saw the things that weren’t adding up, I couldn’t keep quiet A lie is a Limited Idea Entertained. And I saw a lot of lies. And they were forcing us to entertain them. And then I saw a lot of fear. False Expectations Accepted as Real … We live in a nation where we’re supposed to have free speech. Where we’re supposed to dialogue. Where we’re supposed to come together for the greater good“. Dr Ryan Cole speaking on behalf of all of the “non single sourcers” out there who know that what is happening is wrong.

Videos and photographs below are from Telegram channels of people filming on location in New Zealand. Non-accredited media documenting events without edit. An impressive example of decentralisation ending single sources of power and truth.

What happens when a few too many unemployed tradies see their fellow citizens in trouble?

They travelled from Christchurch.

He travelled from Pukekohe.

A “river of filth” jamming to Three Little Birds.

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